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Study Away

The opportunity to study abroad, whether for a few weeks or a whole year, is one of the best things a college can provide.

At Marlboro, we encourage our students to travel; our Study Away program is deeply integrated into our curriculum. Our students’ off-campus studies provide material for their Plan of Concentration research, and their travel experiences help prepare them for life after Marlboro.

Just a few examples

Study abroad in China allowed for fieldwork that transformed a Plan about cross-cultural attitudes toward herbal medicine and vaccines. A Semester-in-the-City internship in New York led one of our students to a career as a community organizer. A World Studies program in Chile led an introverted student to push beyond their comfort zone. And when a group of students launched a cross-country expedition to study soil health from the back of converted school bus—well, there’s a lot to say about that. (And most of it’s on Instagram.)

Limited only by your imagination

If you want to study abroad, you’ll work one-on-one with staff in the Center for Experiential Learning and Global Engagement to find an opportunity that fits your academic goals and your post-graduation plans.

Students in our World Studies program spend up to eight months living, working, and learning outside the U.S. Other students go on international exchanges with our partner schools in Mexico, Nigeria, Germany, and China. And some join faculty-led trips built around courses that benefit from immersion in a different culture.

Expand your horizons without leaving the country

If you’d rather stay in the States, we offer domestic exchanges with schools in Vermont and across the country that share our values.

You can also take advantage of opportunities offered through other colleges or design your own grant-funded research trip. We’ll help you sort out the details to make it work.

Study Away Blog

  • Too Many Goodbyes

    By Alta Millar
    Blog: Study Away Blog
    This morning, I said goodbye to the friends I made at Laban, to my housemates and to the memories I’ve collected over the months. I’m not heading back home quite yet though. I’ve decided to take a month to explore Europe and collect Plan rese...
  • Final Exams at Laban

    By Alta Millar
    Blog: Study Away Blog
    Now with my exciting term at Trinity Laban sadly coming to a close, I’m able to reflect on the differences between this conservatoire environment and Marlboro College. There are plenty of differences—too many to list. But the one that stands ou...
  • Bungee Jumping, the Dance

    By Alta Miller
    Blog: Study Away Blog
    One of my favorite courses at Trinity Laban is Choreography, which invites our independent artistic and creative endeavors. I look forward to it everyday Tuesday evening because it’s a chance to play with movement ideas and occupy the position o...
  • Finding Home in the Routines

    By Alta Millar
    Blog: Study Away Blog
    With only three weeks left of Trinity Laban’s fall term, I’ve been thinking a lot about my return home and how I’m going to share my experience. Honestly, sometimes I really don’t know. Obviously, I know how I will share my dance training a...
  • Riding the Creative Process

    By Alta Millar
    Blog: Study Away Blog
    In the beginning of my term here in London, Laban was hosting open auditions for the Master of Fine Arts choreography performance. In addition to getting some auditioning experience under my belt, I felt fortunate to be selected for one of these perf...
  • When in Bath...

    By Alta Millar
    Blog: Study Away Blog
    Trinity Laban, my host institution while abroad, recently had their mid-term break. It’s a week meant for studying, exam preparation, and some much-needed relaxation. I knew that I wanted to make the most out of this break, since I’m only study...
  • Expectations Abound Abroad

    By Alta Millar
    Blog: Study Away Blog
    You know when you’re really excited about something and you keep imagining it over and over again? How you go through each moment, analyzing each scenario, as if you’re mapping it out before it even happens. This is probably one my favorite thi...


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