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First Year Seminar

In your first year at Marlboro, you’ll get everything you need to make the most of Marlboro’s unique approach to undergraduate education.

First Year Seminars draw on creative methods from different fields of concentration to help you acquire the writing and speaking skills necessary for independent, intellectual achievement in college and beyond.

Professors who lead these courses serve as mentors in and out of class, so you’ll always have support in navigating your first year.

You’ll work with about a dozen other students (at Marlboro that’s a big class). Here’s some of what you’ll do:

  • Identify and answer academic questions with creativity and discipline, skills that are critical for self-directed learning.
  • Collaborate with fellow students on a group project to gain comfort with different voices and perspectives, valuable experience for future classes and community governance.
  • Plan, revise, and complete writing assignments that build the skills you’ll need to meet Marlboro’s Clear Writing Requirement.
  • Practice active reading, information literacy, and time management—techniques that are essential to independent work like the Plan of Concentration.
  • Build connections with the faculty and advising staff who will help shape your ideas and guide your education as you move toward more advanced coursework and one-on-one tutorials.

A campus-wide connection

While the courses themselves are designed for new students, First Year Seminars unite the entire college around a common theme. You’ll find elements of the seminar topic echoed in evening events, res-life activities, and speakers from off campus.


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