Clear Writing Requirement

One of the defining characteristics of a Marlboro education is clear writing, which is both a product and reflection of clear thinking. Within their first three semesters, Marlboro students must fulfill the Clear Writing Requirement, a benchmark that involves submitting a portfolio of clear and concise writing samples for approval by the faculty. Portfolio selections feature academic or expository writing, ranging from theoretical ecology to art history, as opposed to creative writing.

By meeting the Clear Writing Requirement, students demonstrate the necessary proficiency to move forward in developing their Plan of Concentration. Meeting this standard, however, does not mean they are done with writing. Students continuously cultivate their ability to think and write clearly during their time at Marlboro. Written work is required for the vast majority of Marlboro courses, and students are expected to take at least one writing-intensive course each semester in preparation for work on Plan. 

Regardless of what paths students forge after Marlboro, the Clear Writing Requirement ensures that they all graduate with the ability to process complex information and effectively communicate their ideas to others—skills integral to success in virtually any job or graduate school program. 

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