Degree Fields

For Marlboro students to graduate they must complete a Plan of Concentration, an integrated and original work of scholarship, in one or more degree fields offered by Marlboro. You can learn more about each individual degree field by finding it in the pull-down menu to the right, and indeed many students focus on one field for their Plan. However, nearly half of all students choose to follow a more interdisciplinary path, combining chemistry and ceramics, for example, or anthropology and literature for a truly unique course of study all their own. 

The following diagram was constructed from decades of data on interdisciplinary Plan subjects to give a visual sense of which degree fields have been combined, and how commonly. Hover on each degree field to see how they've been combined, or click on them to find out more about individual fields. An even more vivid illustration of the interdisciplinary inventiveness of student Plans of Concentration can be found in the Virtual Plan Room.