Dual Degree Program - Master of Arts in Teaching with Technology

Why: Educational technology may be the best job you have never heard of. It’s a way to apply your creativity and love of learning while meeting the educational goals of schools, businesses, or other organizations. You might find your niche bringing technology into an elementary school classroom, supporting faculty at a university, or designing learning units for nonprofits, corporations, or government agencies. The demand for these positions is growing steadily, and your best preparation is a Master of Arts in Teaching with Technology (MAT).

What: Courses in the MAT program cover educational uses of the web, e-learning, distance learning, blogs, wikis, and other technological innovations in learning. You will explore virtual learning environments, learning theories, learning management systems, instructional design, and educational technology evaluation. The MAT program can be completed in as little as a year, with elective courses that will shape your degree toward your interests, from virtual worlds to web development.

How: Educational technology can be applied in practically any field, so as an undergraduate you are encouraged to follow your academic passions. A typical comfort level with technology is necessary, but all of the classes start with the basics. As a senior, you will take up to six credits at Marlboro College Graduate Center and/or up to six advanced undergraduate classes in related fields, counting up to nine credits toward both degrees. 

“I don’t think I’d be where I am now without Marlboro College. It may sound like a cliché, but Marlboro will support your big ideas and encourage you to take risks. The work we did as a cohort, the bonding we did and the learning from each other were all incredible.”

–Jenny Darrow, Director of Academic Technology Keene State College

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