Study Abroad

Although Marlboro College is a small, self-governing community, our commitment to civic engagement extends well beyond campus. There are wide a variety of study abroad programs available to students seeking to widen their horizons and world views in other parts of the world. Students have studied cultural practices in Mongolia, sustainable communities in India, and advanced their language skills in Argentina, China, and Tunisia, among others. 

Whether you are in the World Studies Program or are incorporating an exciting international component into your own course of study, internships are a great option for acquiring on-the-job skills while you also learn about and experience another culture. Internships have taken students to places like Brazil, Guatemala, or Ghana for a semester or year at a time. Engaging shorter-term international opportunities are provided through faculty-led trips to places such as Chile, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Kenya, Turkey, and Egypt. The Outdoor Program has also offered two-week trips to Canada, Costa Rica, Galapagos and Belize.

Students decide on their study abroad program, and how it fits in with their academic work and personal interests, through one-on-one consultations with faculty and staff. They are supported through any application and financial aid process, health concerns, as well as integrating their experiences into their studies upon their return.

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