Accelerated Master's Track

If you are hoping to build on your academic interests and earn a marketable graduate degree, Marlboro College’s accelerated master's track is the best of both worlds. With the accelerated master's program you can continue your Marlboro studies beyond your undergraduate experience, and earn a master’s degree in a Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies program within a year or two of graduation. You will take graduate classes while you are still an undergraduate, resulting in significant savings in both time and costs.  

Marlboro's graduate and professional programs offer the practical opportunity to apply your academic experience in a variety of career fields, including education, technology, business, nonprofit management, social justice or advocacy. Unlike other master’s degree programs, Marlboro provides professional skills for working adults while maintaining the same high standards for profound intellectual growth. Programs eligible for the accelerated master's track are based on monthly intensives at our nearby graduate center in the vibrant town of Brattleboro, combined with online engagement and learning, so you can balance your course load with work or other responsibilities.

You will find many familiar features at the graduate center consistent with the undergraduate program, including:

  • small classes
  • self-directed learning
  • project-based work
  • real-world experience
  • focus on clear communication
  • community support

The accelerated master's program provides a fitting transition from Marlboro’s intense academic community to the professional world outside. Some programs at the graduate center accept up to nine credits for graduate and higher level courses taken as an undergraduate, bringing your master’s degree well within reach. No standardized tests are needed to enter the graduate school. Consult with the admissions office to learn how simple it is to make one of these graduate programs part of your college plans:

For more information contact the admissions office.