AcCelerated Master's Track


Why: Nonprofit organizations have a significant role in U.S. economic, social, and environmental sustainability, and their impact has never been more urgently needed. If you are passionate about the arts, the environment, education, or human services, there is a nonprofit or other mission-driven organization out there with similar goals. The Master of Science in Management: Mission-Driven Organizations (MDO) is just the program you need to be a leader and innovator in the world of nonprofits, or even start your own.  

What: Building on the business skills of finance, human resources, and organizational leadership, the MDO program includes training crucial to mission-driven organizations such as governance, fundraising, and strategic planning. The flexible course schedule allows you to work in the field of your choice while you gain new expertise for transforming vision to action in just over a year.

How: Many undergraduate courses of study at Marlboro would serve as a valuable foundation for the MDO program, from environmental studies to visual arts. During your senior year you will take the prerequisite Certificate in Nonprofit Management program at the Marlboro College Graduate Center. You will also take up to six graduate credits in related fields, counting up to nine credits toward both degrees. In the summer after your junior or senior year, Marlboro will help you look for an internship at a relevant organization that will provide real life experience. 

“When you are very passionate about your mission, you’re too close to it. Stepping back from that and having the theory I’ve learned at Marlboro makes me more effective and gives more structure to how I approach my job.”
–Susan Fox, Executive Director
Bennington County Meals on Wheels

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