Every Marlboro student is required to complete a Plan of Concentration—a challenging, exhilarating, and uniquely rewarding academic experience. Beginning in junior year, students focus their studies on the exploration of a self-chosen academic theme, approved by the faculty, that often entails a multidisciplinary focus. Through a combination of independent study, frequent advising sessions with faculty members, and individualized tutorials, students work toward the creation of a major work of scholarship. The student’s final Plan is submitted at the end of senior year and formally reviewed by one or more faculty sponsors as well as an outside evaluator with expertise in the Plan subject area.

Completing the Plan of Concentration not only takes students into an elevated academic realm; it also teaches invaluable life lessons about personal accountability, persistence, and self-confidence. Virtually every two-year Plan process involves daunting questions, course corrections, and issues of scope and focus that must be addressed. The completion of the Plan results in a tremendous sense of accomplishment and a substantive portfolio piece that students often use as a launching pad to the careers or graduate-level study they pursue after Marlboro.

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