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Program Goals

The World Studies Program is designed to help motivated students acquire the cultural framework, practical skills, intellectual tools, and methods necessary to analyze global developments against the backdrop of history, in the light of differing values and traditions.

Students acquire foreign language proficiency, develop skills in international job hunting and project design, and gain firsthand experience living and working side by side with people of other cultures.

Students in the program are expected to develop:

  • An introductory knowledge of world history and cultures
  • An understanding of contemporary issues of global significance
  • Competence in cross-cultural communication, including proficiency in a second language, work experience in another culture, recognition of differing cultural values and reflection on your own values and place in the world
  • A deeper understanding of a particular world region, including its geography, culture, history and political, economic and environmental systems A grasp of one or more academic disciplines, the Fields of Study in which Marlboro students do Plan work, and an ability to apply the concepts and methods of these disciplines to a particular problem or issue
  • The integration of academic and experiential learning, including the practical application of academic learning during the internship and the integration of internship experiences and learning into Plan work
  • An ability to communicate clearly through the written and spoken word


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