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Applying to the Marlboro Institute

If the interdisciplinary Marlboro curriculum appeals to you, the new Marlboro Institute is the place to find it.

If you will be a first year student in fall 2020, you can apply to the Marlboro Institute by March 1, 2020

This new institute will combine Marlboro’s interdisciplinary philosophy of self-designed study with the abundant resources and institutional support of Emerson College to bring to life the Marlboro Institute of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies. Students studying within the institute will pursue a self-designed major that’s guided by their academic interests, as well as drawing from Emerson’s highly regarded programs and the insight of Marlboro’s faculty within the institute.

The goal of our alliance is to honor our traditions at Marlboro College, while allowing students to benefit from the outstanding resources and educational opportunities of Emerson’s vibrant downtown community as well as global partners.

If you’re interested in applying, we invite you to Emerson’s application for the Marlboro Institute.

Please be aware that the creation of the Marlboro Institute at Emerson College is dependent upon the votes of Marlboro and Emerson’s board of trustees to form the alliance; these votes will occur in May 2020.


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