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Marlboro College is the perfect place for self-directed learners that work best in an intimate educational setting, so it’s no wonder that approximately 10 percent of each incoming class comes from a homeschool background. Just like Marlboro students, homeschool students understand the power of letting one’s deepest interests govern one’s studies. For example, meet current student Pearse Pinch and learn how his homeschool background prepared him for study at Marlboro.

Applying to college as a homeschool student can be confusing. We are here to help you every step along the way. In addition to the usual application guidelines, here are some helpful tips when applying to Marlboro as a homeschool student:

Demonstrating High School Completion

Due to federal financial aid regulations, Marlboro College does require that homeschool students demonstrate high school completion. A homeschool student needs to provide one of the following upon completing their studies and before entering Marlboro:

Documentation of one of the above should be submitted by July 1 for fall enrollment, and January 1 for spring enrollment.

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