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Welcome to the registration page for our Winter 2019 courses in Marlboro College's Continuing Education Program (CEP). Taking a class with us is an excellent professional development experience and also an introduction to Marlboro's degree programs.

  • Registration: November 25 - January 4
  • Courses begin: January 11
  • Drop/add deadline: January 20. Our refund policy applies to withdrawals after this date.
  • Trimester ends April 20
  • Tuition: Classes are $500 to audit or $794 per credit. 

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  • Credits: 1
  • Taught by: T B A

This course will cover the basic laws, customs and ethical considerations governing nonprofit organizations. We will study board roles, responsibilities and liabilities; the tax code and associated responsibilities; relevant provisions of employment law; and issues of legal and fraud protection.

  • Credits: 2
  • Taught by: T B A

Description: This course will explore, challenge, and acknowledge the role organizations play in participating in and being catalysts for addressing systemic inequality, equity and inclusion at both the organizational and societal levels. The work we will engage in provides an overview of key concepts, historical perspectives, practices, and systems level strategies for leading organizations which embody a commitment to diversity and social justice in their internal systems as well as their external practices, policies, and engagement with their communities. This introductory management course is predicated on the assumption that the performance of all organizations must be judged, not only in terms of their financial performance, but also by their accountability and commitment to equity and justice in how they engage in and embody their missions.

This course focuses on the knowledge and skills required to be a successful communicator in today's global business world. The course draws from research and theories in Collaborative Leadership, Conflict Transformation and Authentic Communication to support relationship and trust building, collaboration, self-awareness, group awareness and appreciation. By the end of the course you will understand different communication models and tools and how to use them effectively in our fast-paced digital world. You will also develop cross cultural awareness, sensitivity and mediation skills. You will be able to more effectively communicate to and engage with stakeholders, lead and facilitate valuable meetings and presentations, develop creative solutions to challenges and maintain healthy mentor relationships.

Whether you are tasked with facilitating in service of a coalition meeting, team meeting, working group, committee, or cultivating a community, how you authentically step into that role will greatly impact the success of the group. In this course we will become a community of practice that will explore ideas and engage in activities designed to cultivate the awareness, presence, and skills for building vibrant environments that unleash groups collective intelligence and creativity.

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