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Welcome to the registration page for our Winter 2019 courses in Marlboro College's Continuing Education Program (CEP). Taking a class with us is an excellent professional development experience and also an introduction to Marlboro's degree programs.

  • Registration: November 25 - January 4
  • Courses begin: January 11
  • Drop/add deadline: January 20. Our refund policy applies to withdrawals after this date.
  • Trimester ends April 20
  • Tuition: Classes are $500 to audit or $794 per credit. 

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  • Credits: 2

In this class students will build fluency with financial statements and ratios in order to use financial data alongside considerations of mission to make important business or organizational decisions. Students will learn how to identify good metrics to measure the health and sustainability of an enterprise and will develop the ability to design good organizational dashboards. By the end of the class, students will be able to present a good or bad financial scenario to a board of directors and to staff with clarity and confidence.

  • Credits: 2

In this introductory course, students learn the application of standard project management processes. Based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), key topics include project selection and scoping, risk analysis, schedule and budget management, development of work breakdown structures, project communication and team building. Students are asked to plan a real-world project and to initiate project control processes as part of the class homework.

  • Credits: 1

Students will explore the concepts and principles associated with lean management approaches. We will analyze several models of lean management, including the "Toyota approach," Goldratt's Theory of Constraints and Critical Chain, as well as the Agile Manifesto. Through the studying of several lean implementations, students will develop an understanding of the relationship between lean management and agile management.

  • Credits: 1

Working in a team setting with a specific organization, students will experience the power of the project portfolio process by actually analyzing the strategic plan and developing a balanced project portfolio.

This course assumes a basic level of understanding of fundraising methods and history, and covers the mechanics of various fundraising sources and techniques as well as the psychological and philosophical underpinnings of both fundraising and philanthropy. It assumes that giving, as well as encouraging others to give, will be an ongoing basis for sustaining the nonprofit sector, but will explore the implications of impending political, technological, generational and taxation changes. There will be practical instruction and discussion on foundation, corporate, major donor, direct mail, grassroots, social media, event, and planned gift fundraising, with serious investigation of the human factors that make these successful.

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