Continuing Education Courses

Welcome to the registration page for our Winter 2017 courses in Marlboro College's Continuing Education Program (CEP). You’ll find taking a class with us to be a great introduction to Marlboro before enrolling in one of our degree programs. Individual courses are also terrific opportunities to pursue an interest or give your career a boost.

  • Registration: November 25 - January 6.

  • Course begin: January 13.
  • Class meetings: Courses meet weekly, monthly or online.  Details here.
  • Drop/add deadline: January 22.  Our refund policy applies to withdrawals after this date.
  • Trimester ends: April 22.
  • Tuition: Classes are $500 to audit or $765 per credit. 
  • Location: Online, blended, and in-person, see course descriptions for details.

If you have any questions, contact our graduate admissions office at: (888) 258-5665 x505, or

More information about our programs is also available in the Academics section of this website. 

EdTech Courses - MAT: ($765 per credit; $500 to audit)
  • Credits: 3
  • Taught by: T B A

How do we facilitate online learning so that students are optimally engaged and learning objectives are being met? Participants will integrate their knowledge of learning theory and instructional design to explore best practices for providing content to students online, engaging them in a vibrant learner-centered community and effectively evaluating their learning. Participants will discuss issues specific to courses that are online-enhanced, blended and fully online. Accessibility and learner support will be emphasized. Participants will utilize Moodle to create a learning module that integrates pedagogy with appropriate technologies to engage students in meeting learning objectives. Facilitating Online Learning (FOL) will itself be facilitated as a workshop where participants will take an active role in teaching each other and introducing topics of interest to the class.

  • Credits: 3

This fully online course will teach students how to begin to effectively use online games and simulations for teaching. Students will explore 3D worlds and become comfortable with their usage as educational tools. Using a learning management tool (Moodle) as our base for this course, students will explore Second Life and Jokaydia, but will also delve into game simulations like World of Warcraft and MinecraftEdu (a problem-solving creative sandbox world) for their educational values. Participants will create avatars, connect with online educational communities, and develop strategies for using 3D worlds in their teaching.

Healthcare Administration Graduate Courses: ($710 per credit, $500 to audit)
  • Credits: 2
  • Taught by: T B A

This course provides students with an exposure to healthcare risk and quality management concepts. Students will explore how a systems approach to the development of a risk and quality management program is beneficial to the organization. They will understand how performance improvement methodologies and tools are supportive of minimizing the risk a healthcare organization faces. Students will explore current trends and issues associated with all aspects of a comprehensive risk management program including ethical risks, risk financing, risk reduction, and emergency preparedness.

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