Graduate Tuition

Marlboro College fully supports transparency concerning the following tuition and fees. Tuition for academic programs at the graduate school is charged on a per credit basis, based on program, and is listed below. A student who wishes to take more than the required credits (to widen his/her range of study) may do so and will be charged the additional tuition associated with those credits. Tuition rates are generally adjusted annually in the fall trimester for the following academic year.

There are no additional fees associated with enrollment (such as student activity or computer lab fees, etc.). There may be fees incurred for late payments or for program extension to complete portfolio or capstone work. You are expected to bring your own technology. Wireless access is available on site.

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2016-2017 Tuition Schedule

2017-2018 Tuition

Graduate ProgramsCreditsPer Credit Fee

Total Tuition

MBA 45 $786 $35,370
MS in Management 36 $786 $28,296
MA Teaching 36 $786 $28,296
Certificate ProgramsCreditsPer Credit FeeTotal Tuition
Educational Technology 15 $786 $11,790
Project Management 15 $786 $11,790
EDU Prefix ClassesCreditsPer Credit FeeTotal Tuition
EDU prefix classes only Variable $646 N/A

Auditing fees 
Most classes can be audited by matriculated and non-matriculated students. The audit fee is $500 per class regardless of the program. 

Enrollment Deposits
Enrollment deposits, which guarantee your place in an academic program, will be credited toward your tuition. Your deposit is due within four weeks of acceptance and is non-refundable. For the graduate programs this deposit is set at $300, and for certificate programs, $150. You can pay your deposit using our online form.

Deferral Policy
Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies grants deferrals up to one year (three trimesters) from the original term of acceptance. Deferral extensions in excess of the above policy are only granted with the written approval of the director of admissions. A letter specifically requesting the term to defer to must be submitted to the director of admissions at least 60 days before the beginning of the term for which the extended deferral is requested. Applicants will be granted one deferral.

The college will request updated application information from applicants that request deferral extensions. Deferrals will only be granted to deposited applicants. To process a deferral request, an applicant must submit the Intent to Enroll Form with the required deposit fee. Intent to enroll forms must be received by the end of the add/drop period of the term for which the applicant has been offered acceptance.  

Applicants applying for financial aid should review the FAFSA guidelines regarding deferrals.

Continuing Education Program courses
When taking regular graduate classes as a non-matriculated student, the rate is as per graduate rates. For the small number of classes with an EDU prefix, tuition is set in alignment with University of Vermont rates. For 2017-2018, the EDU rate will be $646/credit.

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