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Homeschooled Students

Marlboro is the perfect place for self-directed learners that work best in an intimate educational setting.

Just like Marlboro students, homeschooled students understand the power of letting their deepest interests direct their studies. It’s no wonder that about 10 percent of each incoming class comes from a homeschooling background.

Applying to college as a homeschooled student can be confusing. We’re here to help you every step along the way. As you read the application guidelines, here are some things to consider when applying to Marlboro as a homeschooled student:

Transcripts and academic evaluations

If you have been issued transcripts by a homeschooling agency or cooperative, please include them with your application. You should include what text, online and community resources you have used to approach your studies, including how much time you have allocated to each subject area. If grades are not available, narrative evaluations are encouraged.

Letters of recommendation

Marlboro College requires two letters of recommendation. If possible, one should be from a teacher or homeschool evaluator (other than a family member) who can speak to your academic and personal qualifications. The other letter can be from someone that knows you in a context outside of academics (e.g. employer, coach, minister, volunteer supervisor).


Admissions interviews are strongly recommended for homeschooled applicants. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your academic background and educational plan with us. If you are interested in scheduling an interview and are unable to visit campus, we are happy to conduct a phone or Skype interview. Contact our office at 800-343-0049 to set up an appointment.

Additional information

Marlboro welcomes any additional information you feel will help us understand how you have approached your studies. This could include reading lists, art portfolios, creative writing samples, music, or other projects.

Demonstrating High School Completion 

Due to federal financial aid regulations, Marlboro College does require that homeschooled students demonstrate high school completion. A homeschooled student needs to provide one of the following upon completing their studies and before entering Marlboro:

  • High school diploma from a homeschool agency, online school, or state of residence
  • Proof that you have completed high school through homeschooling in accordance with the laws of your state (e.g. a certificate of completion from your state or local school district, or a self-certification of completion of high school if you are from a state that does not issue credentials)
  • Passing GED test scores
  • Fulfill the federal government’s guidelines for showing Ability to Benefit
  • Documentation of at least one of the above should be submitted by July 1 for fall enrollment, and January 1 for spring enrollment.

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