Marlboro College

Admissions Travel and Lodging

Marlboro College is a rural campus located in the small town of Marlboro, Vermont. The campus includes several historic farm buildings, as well as a modern library, computer and media labs, science facilities and performing arts spaces on 300 acres of wooded and open hillside.

Students will be housed at Marlboro North, a standalone college dormitory.

Arrival and Departure Dates and Times

Students will arrive and depart on Saturday:

Students wishing to stay for more than one session will participate in workshops and outings during Saturday transition times.

Travel and Transportation

The Spring into College program will provide transportation to and from Greater Boston. The van will arrive at Alewife Station in Cambridge, MA at 11:30 each Saturday, dropping off departing students and picking up arriving students.

Nearby Brattleboro, VT is also easily accessible by train. The Amtrak Vermonter line picks up in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York City, New Haven Connecticut, and a number of other locations along the eastern seaboard, arriving in Brattleboro at approximately 5:00pm daily. A Marlboro staff person will meet any students arriving by train and bring them to campus.

Admitted students wishing to arrange their own transportation by car will be provided with directions to the campus and registration area upon confirmation of enrollment.


Marlboro will not assist with the visa process. Please check with the international advisor at your boarding school to ensure that participation in the program will not impact your status.


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