Marlboro College

Admissions Curriclum and Activities


TOEFL prep courses will be taught by experienced instructors and will cover all elements of the computer based TOEFL.

Academic Enrichment

Afternoon workshops will be led by college professors. Each week will focus on a different theme with related group outings:

Admissions Coaching

Tuesday afternoon, workshops run by college admissions counselors, will include, “Writing a Strong College Essay,” “Making a Great First Impression: The Admissions Interview” and “Highlighting your Strengths Throughout the Application Process”. Additional one-on-one coaching will be available upon request.

Transition to College

By living on a college campus, high school students explore and begin to develop the social and cultural skills necessary for success in US higher education.

Arts, Culture and Outings

In addition to academic enrichment related trips, during the evenings and on Sundays, participants will explore beautiful Southeastern Vermont’s towns and outdoor activities and take part in cultural and art-related activities led by college students and program staff.

Weekly Schedule at a Glance










arrival and departure

group outing

TOEFL prep

TOEFL prep

TOEFL prep

TOEFL prep

TOEFL prep


orientation and campus tour

academic enrichment

college admissions workshops

academic enrichment

group outing

academic enrichment


expectations and getting settled

games and activities

art and culture on campus

local outing

art and  culture on campus

art and culture on campus

All courses and workshops will be conducted in English. Students will be supervised at all times by adult professionals.


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