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Requirements & Considerations

Are interviews required? 

While interviews are not required as part of your application, we strongly recommend that all applicants complete a 20-30 minute interview. Interviews can be scheduled with your admissions counselor and can happy at any time throughout the application process. 

Do you require SAT/ACT scores? 

No. It is your decision whether to submit your SAT/ACT scores during your application process. If you want to submit your scores, the SAT and CEEB code number for Marlboro is 3509. The ACT code number is 4304.

Can I submit a piece of poetry or creative writing for my writing sample? 

The writing sample which we require for your application should be an expository piece: a research paper, essay or nonfiction piece. In this sample we are looking for evidence of clear writing and analytical thought.

As for your poetry or creative writing, we’d love to see it. You should feel free to submit any items you feel would support your application. Video tapes, audio tapes, slides, poetry, creative writing—all are welcome.

Can I share my art in the application process? 

Yes! While we don’t require that you complete the Arts Supplement form on the Common Application, if you would like to share your pictures, photos, video, music, etc. with your application, please send a DVD or CD of your work. We look forward to reviewing it!

Do you accept AP credits? 

Marlboro College will grant 4 credits for each Advanced Placement Examinations with a score of 4 or 5. There is a limit of 16 credits total. These credits will not be applied to the Plan of Concentration, the self-designed course of study all Marlboro students undertake in their last two years.

Does Marlboro grant deferrals to accepted students? 

Yes, Marlboro does grant deferrals up to two semesters. Deposited students are permitted to defer unless they plan to enroll in another college or university during the period of their deferral.

To process your deferral request, accepted students must submit the Intent to Enroll Form with a $400 enrollment fee and the Deferral Request Form by July 15.

Financial aid awards are not transferable. Therefore, students who have received financial aid awards who defer admission will need to resubmit a new FAFSA in order to receive an updated financial aid award if they intend to enroll in the following academic year.

Students who defer from the fall to the spring semester of the same academic year do not need to resubmit a FAFSA.

Scholarships are not automatically transferable for accepted students who defer admission.


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