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What are you passionate about?

Students in classRather than follow a prescribed academic program, Marlboro students work closely with faculty advisors to map out an individualized course of study based on their intellectual interests. This approach allows students to study broadly across disciplines and explore what they are really passionate about. Each student’s self-designed study leads to a final Plan of Concentration, an in-depth and focused examination of a topic culminating in a major work of scholarship. These topics are limited only by a student’s imagination, often combining disparate fields of study in novel ways.

Freedom and Responsibility

Dance classBy taking ownership of, and responsibility for, the scope and topography of their own intellectual exploration, Marlboro students learn how to define a set of goals and develop a comprehensive plan to meet them. Marlboro’s Clear Writing Program helps students to process complex information and effectively communicate their ideas to others before they need these skills for their Plan of Concentration. Whether their academic interests lean toward Russian literature or contemporary dance, political sociology or behavioral ecology, students write prodigiously over the course of their time at Marlboro. Through their own initiative and grit, Marlboro students emerge with a joyful sense of accomplishment, heightened confidence and invaluable experience.

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