Marlboro College

Admissions Outcomes

Following their profound intellectual journey in the fields they are most passionate about, Marlboro graduates go on to forge diverse and often unconventional paths in the professional world. Here are some data on recent graduates, examples of what alumni are doing now, and quotes about the Marlboro experience.

95% of recent graduates (2005-2011) are satisfied with their overall experience at Marlboro College.

75% of Marlboro graduates go on to further study.
Top graduate schools attended:

  • Antioch
  • Harvard
  • Boston University
  • Columbia
  • University of Vermont
  • SUNY
  • Yale

93% of recent graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate school.

$16,631 Marlboro average student debt is $9,969 less than the National average of $26,600.

2.7% Marlboro student loan default; 13.4% National student loan default.

Twenty four percent of Marlboro graduates go on to careers in teaching and education; the other 76 percent find their life’s work in the arts and letters, science and medicine, law and entrepreneurship, in the non-profit sector and a myriad of other occupations and passions.

Alumni and Their Careers

“Whatever their plans, all Marlboro graduates have proved to themselves (and professors…) that they can define a problem, set clear limits on an area of inquiry, analyze the object of study, evaluate the result, and report thoughtfully on the outcome. No matter where they go from here…those skills will be integral to their success.” Colleges That Change Lives

“…The chance to work with individuals like (him) is what makes me confident that there is much to be said for this experience of higher education and, possibly, our future.” Jim Dow, Tufts University

“When (her) body of work arrived in my mailbox several weeks ago, I was quite moved by the beauty and clear passion that these papers and her handmade book evoked. Even before reading the work I could sense that these were special objects. The work did not disappoint me.” Sienna Craig, Dartmouth College

“Let me begin with a compliment: the atmosphere and receptive environment in which the oral examination took place presented an opportunity for meaningful exchange unhindered by formality; this spoke well of the respectful relationship between [the student] and the three faculty members with whom she has worked…” Nathan Margalit, Mount Holyoke College

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