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Transition to Emerson

Making the leap to Boston

Move-in day at EmersonStudents who wish to continue their Marlboro course of study in fall 2020 are transitioning into Emerson’s Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Program, or IDIP. This program is going to incorporate Marlboro’s pedagogical and philosophical values, along with Marlboro’s current faculty, to become the new Marlboro Institute of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies. As expressed in the Marlboro Promise, students attending the new institute will continue to grow as clear communicators of their critical ideas; live, work and collaborate with a diverse community of creative peers; and lead a final project from beginning to execution. The Marlboro Institute at Emerson will continue to honor and uphold these promises as a foundation to Marlboro’s traditions and unique pedagogical approach.

Current Marlboro students will be able to transition directly into the Marlboro Institute with their Marlboro credits, receive housing within Emerson’s residential halls, and complete their undergraduate education within the Marlboro Institute. As a student within the IDIP program, you will be able to pursue your own self-designed major by combining courses within the liberal arts or combining the liberal arts with courses from one or more departments around your defined area of academic interest. You will collaborate one-on-one with faculty members and members of Emerson’s Academic Advising Office, and you will have the opportunity to take courses across Emerson College.

Like Marlboro, Emerson is a creative and tight-knit community where students across all majors work on projects together and learn from each other, inside and outside of the classroom. The college deeply values and is committed to academic freedom and an interdisciplinary approach to education. More broadly, Emerson is situated in the heart of downtown Boston, and the Greater Boston community offers students invaluable resources in the form of internships, cultural experiences, and the chance to connect with students through the many other colleges and universities located nearby.

As greater information unfolds, we will continue to update you on Marlboro’s transition and alliance with Emerson College.

In the meantime, we want to direct you to Emerson’s Transition Guide for Marlboro students, which offers information regarding Emerson’s residential programs as well as the Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies. We also encourage you to fill out Emerson’s Transition Interest Form that allows students to submit information on their academic and housing interests.


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