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Marlboro College is pleased to provide a range of exciting professional development opportunities for teachers and other educators, both through our own faculty and through partner organizations across the state. Most of these courses offer the option of graduate credit, and can be applied toward Marlboro's popular MA in Teaching with Technology program. Find these courses below:

We also offer relevant graduate coursework such as Digital Research Technologies, Games and Simulations, and Leading Change. Visit Marlboro's Continuing Education page to learn more. 

Summer 2016 Courses with Optional Credit

Marlboro College offers a range of professional development courses in the area of education technology, and offers optional graduate credit for these transformational learning experiences. 


Course #:  MPI404-SU16

Credits: 3 optional graduate credits
Cost: $500.00, $815.00 with 3 graduate credits.
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Description: In this hands-on virtual course, students will learn how to integrate a six current educational technology tools to provide flexible pathways toward mastery. The technology tools will focus on fostering student innovation through use of project based learning, maker-spaces, Google Apps for Education, social media tools, and digital media tools. (See the course outline in the syllabus for a short list of tools)

InstructorMichael Norkun is a veteran science teacher at Bellows Falls Union High School and science department coodinator. He holds a master's degree in educational technology from Southern New Hampshire University.  

Meets: For Professional Development Only:

    • August 15–September 16: Self-paced virtual learning through google classroom (participants will be notified with connection information prior to the start date).

            For Graduate Credit:

    • August 15–September 16: Self-paced virtual learning through google classroom
    • Expect to read and respond to at least two relevant articles per month. Develop an educational technology unit for your content
    • August 22 Virtual session to discuss unit that will be implemented during the first month of school.
    • October 14: Final presentation day. Virtual presentation gallery tour.



Course #:  MPI406-SU16

Credits: 3 optional graduate credits
Cost: $900.00, $1,215.00 with 3 graduate credits.
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Help: Contact Julie van der Horst Jansen | 802 258-9204

Description: In this hands-on studio course, students will learn to use a variety of digital authoring tools—including but not limited to Twine, Inklewriter, and Adobe Captivate—to create instructional games and interactive educational materials. Participants will examine the intersections of gaming and learning and explore how we can push the boundaries of both forms to maximize student engagement. Topics covered in this course will include narrative structure, variables, and game mechanics. For a final project, students will produce an instructional game of their own design, using one of the tools covered in the course.

InstructorAdrienne LaPierre is a freelance instructional designer and technology integrator at Guilford Elementary and Putney Central School (PreK-8). She holds a MA in Teaching with Technology from Marlboro College.

Meets: This 6-week course runs from August 14th, to September 25th, 2016. It is primarily an online course, although there will be one optional in-person session in Southern Vermont on the 14th. The location of this meetings will be determined in collaboration with course participants. 


Inquiry-Driven, Project-Based Mathematics

Course #:  MPI407-SU16
Credits: 1 optional graduate credit
Cost:  $400, $505 with 1 graduate credit
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Description:  This course will serve as an in-depth exploration of high-school project based mathematics. The main objectives of the course are to guide teachers through the process of designing and implementing inquiry-driven, application-based projects in Algebra 1 - Calculus.  Topics to be covered include strategies for designing daily lessons that emphasize inquiry and critical thinking, resources available for creating in-depth projects, and specific ways to plan high school math curriculum around application-based projects. Theories engaged will include Dewey (Experience in Education), Noddings (Ethic of Care), and Dweck (Mindset). Participants will learn the material through creation of curricular resources. Specifically, major assignments will include the design of several inquiry-focused, student-driven lesson plans, major unit plans, and large projects tied to specific unit plans.

Instructor Brad Latimer, has been teaching high school students mathematics for the past decade. During that time, he has developed a passion for inquiry-driven, project-based learning, as he teaches at Science Leadership Academy (SLA) in Philadelphia, PA. SLA is a one-to-one public magnet school which emphasizes project based learning across the curriculum, and teaching in such an environment has not only fine-tuned his ability to collaborate with other educators in developing curricular materials, but also reinforced his belief in the true power of project-based mathematics. For the past four years he has also instructed the TFA Math Methods 1 course at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, working closely with first year teachers to support them in the design of engaging secondary mathematics curriculum.

Meets:  This is an online course in which some online class sessions will be scheduled.  The course starts on August 1st and ends by September 16th.



Course#:  MPI403-SU16

Credits: 3 optional graduate credits
Cost: $900.00, $1,215.00 with 3 graduate credits.
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Description: This course will deepen teachers' knowledge of and ability to use the pedagogy, methodology, and facilitation methods for effective blended instruction using the Canvas LMS. Topics will include: online course design, graphic design elements, facilitating online dialogue, expanding web research techniques, building collaborative learning in a blended classroom, and strategies to evaluate content.

Instructor: Adam Provost is a technology integrator at Burlington High School and president of the Vermont ISTE Affiliate, VITA-Learn.

Meets: July 11, 9:30am-4:00pm, face-to-face class at Burlington Union High School, Burlington, Vermont (lunch provided). Online regular weekly assignments from July through October. November (first Saturday), 9:30am-3:30pm, face-to-face class at Burlington Union High School, Burlington, Vermont (lunch provided).



Partner Courses

We partner with select organizations in the area and co-design professional development offerings with them that meet their goals, as well as our style of rigor and transformative learning. 



Credits: 3 optional graduate credits
Cost, Registration and PaymentCreateMakeLearn.org/register
HelpContact Lucie

Description: Fourth annual Create Make Learn Summer Institutes gives educators experience with active, hands-on learning in four trends: 

1. Create With Chromebooks
2. Create with iPads
3. STEAM Powered Learning
4. Advance your Maker Skills

InstructorLucie deLaBruere has spent 30 years in K-12 education.  After many years in her own classroom, Lucie currently designs innovative professional development opportunities, teaches college courses, and consults with schools.

Meets: August 1–5, at the Generator Makerspace and Champlain College Campus in Burlington, Vermont.



Vermont Virtual's Northeast Online Teaching Institute offers a certificate in online teaching designed for experienced K-12 teachers or teachers currently going through an approved teacher preparation program. For Vermont teachers, completing the three class sequence can earn you the Online Teaching Specialist endorsement. Our classes are a collaborative program with the Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (VTVLC) and the Teaching with Technology MAT-T program at Marlboro College’s Center for Graduate and Professional Studies. For an additional fee the three class sequence can earn you ten graduate credits from Marlboro College, nine of which you can apply directly towards your MA in Teaching at Marlboro.

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Info: NEOTI.org



“Create learning environments in which all students thrive, regardless of their learning preferences and abilities, by earning a Certificate in Universal Design: Technology Integration. The UD-TI Certificate program is designed for professionals and graduate students in the fields of education, technology, and support services. Students in the program:

  • Discover the dynamic role of assistive technology in creating accessible instruction within the context of Universal Design
  • Create materials based on the principles of Universal Design that can be used immediately to enhance educational practices
  • Acquire in-depth understanding of principles and applications of Universal Design in education
  • Learn up-to-date information about neuro-developmental conditions that affect learning, such as dyslexia and other learning disabilities, ADHD, and ASD

Details and application at: Landmark College’s Certificate in Universal Design: Technology Integration website 



Credits: 1 graduate credit
Info: Register on-line: www.cvedcvt.org. For questions: info@cvedcvt.org.

Description: Why not join others in building your confidence with Google tools and distinguish yourself as an educator by becoming a Google Certified Educator? More and more educators are growing their skills with Google tools to better serve our students to complete their professional responsibility. This two-day boot camp will provide you with tips and pointers for successfully completing the materials and the official Google Certified Educator exams. You can complete the $10 exam on your own when you feel ready and confident with the materials.

Instructor:  Lucie deLaBruere has spent 30 years in K-12 education.  After many years in her own classroom, Lucie currently designs innovative professional development opportunities, teachers college courses,  and consults with schools.

Meets: July 11 & 12, 2016, 9:00am–3:30 pm (light lunch provided). Location: CVEDCi-Classroom, Dupont Hall, Fort Ethan Allen in Colchester. Cost: $250 CVEDC. Members $300 non-members. All schools in Addison, Chittenden, Grand Isle and Franklin Counties are members.


Partner Information

Marlboro has formed partnerships with several Vermont institutions that provide excellent instruction in a variety of special areas. The partnerships allow the below institutions to offer Marlboro credit as an option to certain courses and workshops that fit into the MAT program. We have evaluated each offering to meet both our quality and rigor standards, as well as state and national requirements for graduate credit. 



VTVLC offers several online courses with the option for graduate credit in the MAT program. VTVLC provides online professional development and support through their teacher preparation program that includes mentoring and formal coursework in teaching online.

For more information please contact: Hannah Farnum, Administrative Support, 802-885-8331, or hfarnum@vtvlc.org



VT-HEC.org logo, three green mountains.

VT-HEC’s mission is to collaborate with Vermont’s higher education institutions, state and local agencies, and other organizations to make quality preparation, training, and support programs accessible to schools, early childhood and human service providers, educators, and educators-to-be. VT-HEC seeks out experts in each field it addresses to work together to design and deliver high quality learning opportunities and supports in areas of critical need that could not be delivered by one organization alone and that help ensure the success of every child and student. VT-HEC offers a variety of programs, some leading to licensure or certificates. All our programs and offerings embody a set of principles and practices to support our work with educators in their professional training and enhance their innate capacity to learn.



learning  with lucie photo of lucie and her bus

Tech Savvy Solution, owned by Lucie deLaBruere, offers consulting and professional development to schools. Lucie brings 30 years experience as a classroom teacher and educational technology specialist to her consulting business. 
In addition to being a core faculty practitioner in Marlboro's Teaching with Technology program, Lucie leads the popular summer Create Make Learn workshop and the Innovation Room at VITA-Learn's annual conferences, Vermont Fest and Dynamic Landscapes. Her blog is Learning with Lucie.  



Landmark college logo

Since 1985, Landmark College has been the leader in creating successful learning approaches for students with learning disabilities including dyslexia, ADHD and ASD. Landmark College now offers a graduate level, five-course certificate program in Universal Design: Technology Integration (UDTI) designed for professionals and graduate students in the fields of education, technology and support services. This certificate program is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of universal design and technology, and their application to instruction in varied educational environments. Three of the courses are completely online, and the other two courses have a residency component. Students can opt to take the complete certificate program (15 credits) or simply enroll in one or more courses.

Four of the courses in the UDTI certificate program can be used as electives in Marlboro’s MAT program. Visit the Landmark College UDTI webstite, learn more about the certificate program courses and curriculum. For more information please contact: Rick Bryck at (802) 387-6306 or institute@landmark.edu



The Southeast Vermont Learning Collaborative provides high quality professional development for educators throughout the eleven Windham and Windsor supervisory unions. Throughout the year, selected workshops offer the option for graduate credit in the MAT program.

For more information please go see course listing at: www.LearningCollaborative.org,  or contact Susan 802-257-8600susan@learningcollaborative.org