Participant Profiles

Students who participated in Movies from Marlboro productions have found the semester to be a great springboard for career possibilities.

Anna Pinchuk

College and Graduation Year: Wellesley College, 2013

Movies from Marlboro: Northern Borders (2012) script supervisor; Peter and John (2014) assistant editor

What she's up to: I'm currently working as a video editor for a documentary start-up in Dallas, Texas. The production team's very first documentary feature, The Frozen Theater, has just begun film festival application. 

How Movies from Marlboro has impacted her education and/or career: Coming from a film history and theory background, I knew that academia was not going to be able to really teach me everything I needed to know about the production of a film. When I applied for the Movies for Marlboro program it was still in the pilot stages, brand new and without actual proof of a success rate, but I took a leap of faith and it honestly was the absolute right decision. The fundamental basis, the building blocks for working on set, working in post-production, working in film—I learned all of this on the film set of Norther Borders as the film's script supervisor. The "scripty" is usually a professional's position on set. Still, as a student, I pushed for it and ended up earning the necessary trust from both the director and the rest of the crew, and it really was the thing that allowed me to move on, with industry contacts, and eventually take on other professional jobs.

One piece of advice for future participants: Step up. Put yourself in the best place to learn as much as you can, but also remember it's not just about you. Being capable of working with the crew, as a unit—that's going to get you the best film you can make.  

Also, ask questions—no filter. There isn't going to be a better time for you to ask questions, even if you think it's something you should already know.

Below: Anna in her role as "scripty" on Northern Borders, filiming a truck scene. Above, Anna conferring with other students on the set of Peter and John.


Meg Reilly 

College and Graduation Year: University of Vermont, 2014

Movies from Marlboro: Peter and John (2014) hair and makeup assistant

What she's up to: Just after working on Movies from Marlboro's Peter and John in Nantucket, I had the opportunity to work on a Honda commercial in Chicago featuring Formula-One driver Mario Andretti. Today, I'm working as a makeup artist at Pink Dot Beauty Bar in Charleston, South Carolina, and will soon be assisting on the upcoming TV show South of Hell.

How Movies from Marlboro impacted her education and/or career: My experience with Movies from Marlboro was truly life changing. I met many incredibly talented people with whom I've maintained great relationships. The many contacts I made in the film industry have provided me with opportunities that likely would have been far out of reach without the MfM program. This is not even mentioning the amazing experience I got in working in this program, for which I am exceedingly grateful.  

One piece of advice for future participants: Do something every day that scares you. Facing your fears head on truly does allow you to overcome them!  

Below: Meg touching up makeup on the set of Peter and John