Post-graduate and Professional Opportunities

Movies from Marlboro provides an intensive experience, intended for current college students, that will combine academics and on-set learning. If you have completed your college degree, and want the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, professional film credit and network connections with mentors in the field, we welcome your application as a member of the production crew or post-grad intern through project partner, Kingdom County Productions.

Post-graduate applicants with extensive experience will be considered for a competitive handful of crew positions, which may include room and board. All other positions will be negotiated through Kingdom County Productions, with regard to job description and arrangements for housing and meals while on set.

Post-grads will work in roles that combine leadership and learning -- and they can play an important role within any of the following production areas: 1) production management, 2) production design, 3) camera, lights, and sound, 4) editorial, 5) marketing and community relations.

Post-graduates will participate primarily during shooting (approximately April 1-May 16). Professionals may be asked to come earlier, depending on their position, to instruct a group of students within their department at Marlboro College starting at the end of January. All positions involve a role of leadership and mentorship to the students. Applicants with some form of teaching or leadership experience are strongly encouraged to apply.

Interested post-grads and professionals should submit a resume, cover letter and two recommendations to program director Jay Craven who will then arrange for an interview by phone or in person. 

Example open positions:

  • Production Designer

  • Art Director

  • Assistant Director

  • Key Hair and Makeup

  • Example Recent Graduate Positions

  • PR and Fundraising

  • Hair and Makeup Assistant

  • 2nd AD