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The admissions staff is here to answer your questions and help you determine if Marlboro’s close-knit community of independent thinkers is right for you. Be sure to contact them early and often. Each year, they travel the country for college fairs, high school visits, and receptions, giving prospective students a first-hand opportunity to explore the benefits of an intentionally small, intellectually demanding liberal arts school. Contact your counselor to find out when we’ll be in your area.

Brigid Lawler, dean of admissions

Direct phone: 802-258-9261
Education: BS, State University College at Oneonta
Home State: New York

“Marlboro College has a compelling case to make to prospective students, and I am excited to be in the position to make that case,” says Brigid. “We always welcome students who want to take ownership of, and responsibility for, the scope and topography of their intellectual exploration. They inevitably emerge with a joyful sense of accomplishment, heightened confidence, and invaluable experience.”

Brigid came to Marlboro with six years of leadership positions in admissions at the University of Baltimore, most recently as director of undergraduate admission. She has worked for nearly 20 years in secondary and higher education administration, but also has another life as a pastry artist certified by the Institute of Culinary Education in New York. She is delighted to be at Marlboro, where admissions can be a face-to-face process.

“With the ongoing need to develop new and unique strategies to grow enrollment, I believe many of my colleagues have lost sight of the importance of providing outstanding customer service to prospective students and their families,” says Brigid. “While data sets and demographic profiles are necessary, they cannot replace the value of an honest conversation when recruiting someone to a place like Marlboro.” 

Christopher Harris, senior assistant director

Direct Phone: 802-258-9231|
Education: BS, Champlain College
Home State: New Mexico

“Marlboro is a place that fosters independent thinking and the pursuit of knowledge through mentorship and self-directed study,” says Chris. “Students who want to explore their passions in a meaningful way, who are involved and community-driven, who are accepting and open, these are the types of students we are looking for.” 

Chris was born and raised in Santa Fe, and received his bachelor’s degree in business from Champlain College. He is currently working towards a master’s in communications at Clark University. He is an avid rock climber, hiker, and home brewer, and enjoys cooking too; his favorite food is either Mexican or Thai (hint: he likes spicy). He likes working in Marlboro because of its relaxed yet highly academic atmosphere.

“The college search process is very introspective; it allows you to define your interests, passions, and potential career opportunities,” says Chris. “With that in mind, think hard about who you are as a person: think about your priorities and values and try to align them with a college that can support them.”

Alexia Boggs ’13, admissions counselor

Direct Phone: 802-258-9230
Education: BA, Marlboro College
Home State: Tennessee  

“I think the kind of students who thrive at Marlboro College have grown up with a unique outlook on the world,” says Alexia. “Successful students at Marlboro know what it's like to be misunderstood and are passionate about finding creative ways to get everyone on the same page in order to share ideas and build a supportive community.” 

Alexia grew up in Nashville, and found the college search process challenging. She says that she wanted the academic rigor of an Ivy League school without the exclusivity, and felt lucky to find Marlboro late in her process.

“The college's accessible and egalitarian model allowed me to engage with the ideas I was pursuing in the classroom,” she says. Alexia studied political theory, and applied her ideas in Town Meeting and committees she served on. Her Plan of Concentration focused on the role of deliberation in the Supreme Court. When she is not studying the Supreme Court she likes to play foosball, go to museums, travel, and just talk. Her advice to new students is “Don’t be too shy!” 

Kenny Card ’10, admissions counselor

Direct Phone: 802-251-7618
Education: BA, Marlboro College; MS, Brandenburg University of Technology (Germany)
Home state: California

“I think the ideal Marlboro student is seeking a unique, empowering, and engaging academic and community experience,” says Kenny. “Marlboro has one of the most intimate intellectual settings in the country—all students on Plan of Concentration have one-on-one tutorials with professors—which provides a deeply enriching experience.” 

Kenny graduated from Marlboro with a Plan of Concentration in sociology, which included fieldwork on public interest architecture and a documentary film called Architecture for the Underserved. It also involved the design-build project of the Marlboro community greenhouse, a campus landmark and focal point of the student farm.

He went on to an interdisciplinary graduate program in architecture, based in cities across Europe, where his master’s thesis looked at social housing in Berlin in the recent financial crisis. He has published academic articles in Architectural Theory Review and Design Philosophy Papers and led an open class, discussion, and research group in Berlin called “The City and the Political.” He is a passionate rock climber and spends most weekends outdoors honing his skills.

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