Summer Program Costs and Financial Aid

COST: A $950 program fee per week covers food, lodging, and all program activities for most sessions. Receiving credit for a one-week course costs an additional $150.

Fees for One-Week Courses
• With one academic credit: $1,100
• Noncredit: $950

DEPOSIT: A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm registration. The deposit will be $250 per week, or equivalent to 1/4 of the total cost for students that receive financial aid. The deposit must be received no later than three weeks after acceptance.

PAYMENT: After the deposit, the balance may be paid in full at any time, but must be paid no later than one week before your program. If deposits and final payment are not made in a timely fashion, a participant’s slot may be forfeit to a student from the waiting list.

Payment can be made online or by check, made payable to “Marlboro College” and sent to the following address:

Marlboro College, ATTN: Summer Programs, PO Box A, Marlboro, VT, 05344.

SCHOLARSHIPS: A limited number of scholarships are available. Aid is awarded based on the financial needs of the family, the commitment of the student, the enrollment needs of the program, and the resources available in the financial aid fund. The following guidelines may help you think about whether to apply. In general, the cost of receiving academic credit (an additional $150 per week) is not discountable. If other criteria (listed above) are met:

  • Students eligible for the federal free lunch program* may be eligible for an up to 75% scholarship (family pays $250). This amount is not guaranteed. 
  • Students eligible for reduced price lunch may be eligible for an up to 50% scholarship (family pays $475). This amount is not guaranteed. 
  • Other students may be eligible for a discount depending on family circumstance. Given the limited amount of funding for scholarships, most families receiving aid will make less than $60,000 annually.

*Please refer to the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Guidelines (PDF) for guidance about applying for summer aid, even if your family does not participate in the program.

Download and submit the Financial Aid Application (PDF) to apply for financial assistance.

AUTOMATIC DISCOUNTS: The following categories of individuals will receive automatic discounts on the price of tuition. No financial aid form is necessary to receive the discount if you are a member of one of the eligible groups. Each participant is eligible to receive only one automatic discount -- the greater of whichever apply (10% maximum). The cost of each college credit is $150 dollars and is not eligible for automatic discounts.

  • 10% discount for people applyling by the first priority deadline - March 15, 2018
  • 10% discount for relatives of Marlboro alumni or current students, past summer program participants, Beautiful Minds Challenge participants, Windham County (VT) residents and Oak Meadow affiliates
  • 5% discount for people applying by the second priority deadline - May 1, 2018

SPENDING MONEY: All daytime and evening activities will be planned to require no additional spending money. Students may bring up to $25 to keep with them for occasional expenses such as Marlboro College bookstore purchases. Any money beyond this amount should be turned in to the program director, and will be returned at pick-up.

TRANSPORTATION FEE: There is a $50 aiport transfer fee each way for students who need to be picked up or dropped off at Bradley International Airport by program staff. Transportation to and from the train are free. (Transportation fee may be waived for students receiving scholarships.)

BETWEEN SESSIONS FEE: If students are staying for multiple back-to-back sessions and live 75 miles away or less, we strongly encourage parents to pick up Saturday and drop off Sunday. Special activities and overnight supervision will be provided for students participating in multiple back-to-back sessions who live more than 75 miles from campus for an additional $100 fee. (Additional fee may be waived or reduced for students receiving scholarships.)