Past Participant Testimonials

Quotes from 2012 - 2015 Participants

"I loved how accepting everyone was here."

"The best thing was being able to open up to others and learning something new each day."

"The intentional learning community was fantastic."

The best things about the program: "EVERYTHING."

"To be around this kind of community and learning environment seriously inspires me. This is what I want to be surrounded by (for college) come 2017."

“I learned about pushing myself, both mentally and physically.”

“I learned that in life it is okay to be a little weird or a little different, as long as you're being yourself.”

“I loved the amazing environment and people, laid-back atmosphere and lack of cell phones. The opportunity to seriously work on interests and hear the work of others. Support staff are some of the coolest/most interesting people I've ever met.”

“I’ve fallen in love with Vermont.”

“…plenty of intriguing and stimulating discussion and tangents.”

"I could not have been working with a better and more inspirational professor."

The best things about the program were: "the closeness between the students, and the students and faculty, the intensity of the friendships formed, the atmosphere of the dorm and classroom."

"I love the community at Marlboro."

"Discussing with others really opened my eyes to new perspectives & ideas."

The most important thing I learned was: "how to get out of my comfort zone."

"The people here were incredible, both staff and students."

"Everyone is great! Everything is great! Well-organized, well-lead, well-taught. Very gratifying to be a part of. Valuable learning experience."

The most important thing I learned was: "to be open about my poetry and be kind to others."

"It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’ve been, we all have things in common."

"Everyone was really accepting, in a way I'm not used to, but really enjoyed."

"There's just a really good energy all around. The activities really pushed me to try to be my best self and the staff was really welcoming. I've never laughed so hard in my life."

"I've shed some social anxiety and learned to trust myself and my abilities."

The most important thing I learned was: "how to make friends in 1 week or less."

"All the people were just awesome."


Quotes from 2012 - 2015 Parents

"Thank you for taking such good care of [my daughter] this past week. She had an absolutely wonderful time, and came back a changed person." 

“Just wanted to send you a quick THANK YOU for last week's pre-college session, and to let you know, if it wasn't already apparent, that [my son] had a fantastic experience all around. Many thanks!”

"I'm not sure I can say in words how valuable this week was for [my daughter]."

"Just wanted to send over a big thank you. [My son] had a wonderful time. He loved everyone and felt loved in return, who could ask for more?"

"He had an amazing week that has truly changed his entire life outlook. We are so thankful! "

"She really enjoyed the professor, the classes and discussions, the other kids in the program, and just being in your neck of the woods, swimming in ponds, and walking in the woods. We are gearing up for college-application time, and Marlboro is at the top of our list."

"[My son] felt supported enough due to the bonds made that he was not fearful of being weak or nervous in front of others. This is unheard for [him] in the past. It is a testament to the quality of the programming and leadership of faculty and staff. "

"The pre-college program is already on [my son’s] radar for next year, he may be already packed so you may be hearing from us again in the not so distant future."