Application for Non-Degree Seeking Students

Marlboro College encourages non-matriculated students to apply to join our courses on a space available basis. A maximum of 8 concurrent credits can be taken by a non-degree seeking student. Fees for non-degree students can be found on our Tuition and Fees page.

To apply:

  1. Fill out and submit the online application below
  2. Send a copy of your most recent (high school or college) transcript to: Marlboro College, ATTN: Admissions, PO Box A, Marlboro, VT 05344
Personal Information
Applicant Contact Information
required for domestic students.
Permanent Contact Information
or international state and postal code
Parent Contact Information
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List course numbers below in the order of preference. All enrollments must be approved by the instructor. As some courses are very popular, and non-degree seeking students take classes on a space available basis, we strongly recommend you list alternative courses.

Courses and course numbers can be found on the course schedule. Remember, if you are a High School student applying for a free course, please check the requirements.

The fee for auditing is $500 per course and no more than two courses may be audited in a semester. Senior citizens 65 year of age or older may audit one course per semester without charge and Marlboro graduates may audit up to two courses per semester without charge with approval from the alumni director.


Billing Acknowledgement

By clicking Apply I hereby assume full responsibility for payment of my account with Marlboro College. I understand that my payment is late if it is not made within 30 days after it becomes due as indicated on the account statement, and at that time my account is considered outstanding. I also understand that in the event my payment is late, I am responsible for any and all reasonable collection costs incurred to collect said payment, including any interest, late charge, fee, or other expense incidental to the principal obligation, including but not limited to attorney's fees and third-party collection services. I further understand that Marlboro College shall charge interest on any outstanding account balance at the rate of 12%.

Please refer to the College Handbook for information about drop deadlines and tuition refunds.