Veterans Legacy Grant

Marlboro College, with its open, engaging, self-directed curriculum, continues to appeal to veterans as it has since our founding in 1946. We’re so convinced of this, in fact, that we offer a Veterans Legacy Grant providing full tuition support for eligible veteran students. This grant covers two semesters of study at Marlboro without tapping into your G.I. Bill funds. If Marlboro feels like the place to finish your studies (and we’re confident that it will), you can fully enroll the following semester.


  • To be eligible, you may be serving now or may have served in any branch of the armed services.

  • The grant will cover two semesters of full-time, non-matriculated study at Marlboro, including the full cost of tuition, room, and board.

  • G.I. Bill funds you are eligible for can still be used after your first year at Marlboro.

  • If you choose to enroll at Marlboro after two semesters, your credits will be applied.

  • Marlboro credits earned are also eligible to be transferred to another institution.

  • Participants may choose from the full selection of Marlboro College courses; the only required course will be a writing seminar. 

Community and Services

Marlboro students come from diverse backgrounds—many are non–traditionally aged or have rich experiences in travel, employment, and service, and veterans are a valuable addition to that diverse community. Students in the Veterans Legacy Grant program live together as a cohort in a designated cottage or dorm, and enjoy the helpful services of a veterans resource center on campus. One of the college's student life coordinators is available as a liaison to ensure that veterans can readily navigate campus programs and services. On-campus health services are available, including counseling, and health center staff includes professionals familiar with post-traumatic stress disorder.