Tuition and Fees, F19-S20

The following figures are specifically for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters and are the result of a major tuition reduction affecting all incoming and current students beginning Fall 2019. 

* The mandatory health services fee is a usage fee for the Total Health Center.

The bill for a full-time non-resident student includes tuition, health services fee, and student activities fee.

Part-Time Students

Part-time students are assessed tuition fees per credit and are not eligible for campus housing. 

  • Part-time matriculated students pay $884 per credit, plus the student activities fee of $105 per semester. 
  • The health services fee is required if registered for at least 8 credits.
  • Students who register for at least 6 credits may be eligible for financial aid.

Part-Time Non-Matriculated Students

  • Part-time, non-matriculated students (not working for a degree) are charged $884 per credit.
  • High school students are eligible for one free course.
  • After the free course and the use of state vouchers, high school students are eligible for two additional courses at $442 per credit and a fourth course at $147 per credit.
  • Audit fees are $500 per course.