Tuition Reduction for Fall 2019–Spring 2020

College is expensive. But it’s also valuable. And a deep and wide-ranging college education—the kind students get at Marlboro College—has never been more important than it is right now.

We know the high cost of college is a concern for many families, and we believe we have a responsibility to make a great education accessible to as many students as possible. For this reason and others, Marlboro College is cutting tuition by a third: from $39,870 to $26,500. In addition, we will continue to offer merit- and need-based financial aid to every qualified applicant.

Why we’re reducing our tuition

Marlboro has always been a financially lean institution; more than 90 percent of tuition revenue directly supports our academic programs. We don’t have a large administrative bureaucracy, and we don’t provide frivolous student amenities or monstrous sports complexes (unless you count our 400 acres of forests and running trails).

What we offer instead is simple: a small community of committed and engaged students, working with a highly accomplished and versatile faculty, supported by a dedicated and hardworking administrative team, on a rustic and beautiful campus in one of the most picturesque regions of the United States.  

Because we focus on offering the very best of the fundamental components of a college education—and not much else—Marlboro can operate very economically. We have historically passed those savings on to our students via generous financial aid policies; after this tuition reduction, our sticker price will reflect that as well.

Marlboro College is a place where experienced academics help young intellectuals chart unique paths toward success, however they choose to define it. We are committed to making a Marlboro education available to every student, regardless of their financial circumstances; with this new step, we deepen that commitment.