Outside Scholarships

Marlboro College recommends that students seek outside scholarships and grants to subsidize their college education. Scholarships can come from sources such as private foundations to local companies and financial institutions. Many high schools have resources available to find these outside sources, as do state college grant agencies. Talk to your high school counselor or advisor to get started.

Students obtain most of their scholarships by looking close to home. Our recommendation is to call or visit any club, group, organization, church, bank, business or any other affiliation that you, your parents, relatives, etc. have in your home area. We suggest you call and ask if the organization offers scholarships to undergraduate students. If they tell you no, thank them and move on to your next call. You may be surprised at the results. Good luck!

Some websites listed below are scholarship clearinghouses. Many of these sites will ask a range of questions to determine if you could be a match with the scholarship foundations that they work with. If you are found to be a preliminary match you will be contacted by the scholarship foundation. They may ask you to submit their own application, to submit an essay that you have written, or to answer some questions in a paragraph format. Each foundation has their own way of processing scholarships. This listing does not nearly include all the websites available for students to apply. Searching the internet is a good idea.

Scholarship sites should be free to apply; if you are asked to pay a fee to apply our recommendation is to exit the site immediately. Some websites on our list may have not been previewed by the financial aid office. Please use your good judgment.

Specialized Scholarships:

Outside scholarships and state grants (other than Vermont State Grants, AmeriCorps Awards and Vocational Rehabilitation Scholarships) are integrated into the financial aid package in the following way: half is used to reduce any Marlboro Grant and half is used to reduce the family contribution or self-help awards (Stafford loan, alternative loan, parent loan, or work-Study). If the intent of the outside scholarship foundation is not to reduce the institutional funds for which the student has qualified, our financial aid office will consider this when adding the scholarship to the student’s award.