Marlboro College

Admissions Potash Hill Days for Accepted Students

Join us on Potash Hill for a day of celebration and exploration on April 8 or April 15, 2013.

You may not be an enrolled student just yet, but we think the best way to experience Marlboro is to actually be a student here for the day. We'll provide you with a sample course schedule for the fall, your roommates (if you're staying overnight) and you will attend an advising hour with a faculty member. Think of Marlboro as your 'home' for the day, and for the next four years!


9:30 AM - 10:00 AM: Registration and Check-in


10:00 AM - 10:20 AM: Welcome and "Why Marlboro"

Marlboro has chosen you, why should you choose Marlboro? President Ellen McCulloch-Lovell explains the value of a Marlboro education and where our academic odyssey can take you.

10:30 AM - 11:15 AM: Your First "Ded Hour"

Every Wednesday at 1:15 at Marlboro, students and faculty participate in "Dedicated Hour," lovingly known as "Ded Hour" around campus. It is an hour set up each week purely for advising time between faculty and students, and faculty often meet with all their advisees in a small group to discuss academic issues, community issues and general life at Marlboro. For your first Ded Hour, you will be chatting with a faculty advisor about academics at Marlboro and what this upcoming fall may look like for you.

11:30 AM - 12:45 PM: Campus Tour

Participate in a student-led walking tour of Marlboro's picturesque campus.Already been on campus? Class visits are also available.

12:45 PM - 1:30 PM: Lunch in the Dining Hall

Take a break and meet with community member in the campus dining hall.

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM: Class Visits (Students)

Learn why Loren Pope, author of Colleges That Change Lives said of Marlboro, "This is a place for self-reliant persons who are interested in ideas and the life of the mind." Visit a class and see first-hand our dynamic academic offerings.

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM : Financial Aid

Family members are welcome to make individual appointments with financial aid staff. You can make your appointment today by contacting Financial Aid or sign up at registration

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM: Marlboro+

You've learned about our self designed academic structure, our community governance and hopefully have grabbed a cookie from the 'cookie drawer', but how much to you know about Bridges Orientation trips? What about Movies from Marlboro? Did you know you can earn your bachelors and masters degrees at Marlboro in just 5 years? This session will provide an overview of various programs that make Marlboro like no other college.

3:45 PM - 4:30 PM: Tea and Typewriter Social

The Rice Aron Library's bi-annual Typewriter Social has become one of students' favorite events on campus. Today you get to take part in the fun! Enjoy tea and light snacks, chat with community members or take up with a typewriter and make a souvenir of your first day at Marlboro.

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