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Marlboro alumni are like no others.

Marlboro College aerial photo, 1940's,Marlboro College aerial photo, 1940's,

Since Marlboro’s founding in 1946, the intellectual curiosity, research and project management skills, and independent, creative spirit of our alumni have led them to be leading entrepreneurs, educators, and innovators. Our community embraces artists, intellectuals, scientists, writers, teachers, musicians, engineers, IT innovators, designers, builders, business developers, and activists. Whatever we do, we do it thoughtfully and with a tremendous amount of research. We honed the skills to learn how to learn, and to pivot, right here. It was not easy, but we did not do it alone: we had the support of faculty and friends.   

To borrow from the incredible commencement address that Sean Cole ’93 gave to the class of 2019, “Here’s the superpower this place has given you. You have learned how to obsess about something—to focus on one thing for an extended period of time, and labor for long, difficult hours over months and months to produce a hard-bound collection of orderly ideas about that thing. My dear, new siblings: that was hard what you did. You have already achieved something that initially seemed impossible.”

And we continue to achieve things that initially seem impossible—rethinking the paradigm and kicking the box aside to build things that cannot be contained by traditional structure. Thank you for choosing to be members of our community. Please reach out to me with any questions you may have about Marlboro, and keep doing hard, impossible things. 

Maia Segura ’91
Director of Alumni Engagement

T. Hunter Wilson and Sean Cole '93, May 2019.T. Hunter Wilson and Sean Cole '93, May 2019.