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The college is monitoring guidance from CDC and other agencies on response to the COVID-19 crisis. See the latest update on our response.

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Calls to Action

Rise up, Marlboro community! This is where you can help.

You want to help Marlboro, but you’re not sure how. Here are some winning ways that you can give back:

  • Join Branch Out, the Marlboro College online community platform to connect with current students as a mentor, list jobs, and build our vast off-campus community.  
  • Donate money! Yes, it really helps! Any and all amounts! Our annual fund is the primary support for our faculty salaries and operations costs like light bulbs and snow removal. It also goes directly to pay for student support. Check out the videos in Related Links to hear what’s shaking and consider becoming a monthly donor for as little as $5 each month! 
  • Click & share! Be a social media ambassador by engaging with our posts. Lots of great content on our “official” Marlboro College Facebook as well as our Marlboro College Alumni page, Twitter, and Instagram. The more you engage, the more we will pop up in feeds. It’s so easy!
  • Drop off a Marlboro College info packet at a local high school. 
  • Host an event, join the Alumni Council, and spread the word. Contact Maia Segura ’91 at for more info. 


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