Home Days 2018, October 6–8

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Marlboro College Alumni Home Days 2018! Over 150 alumni and family members attended from all over the country. 

About 50 people attended our first ever “Kevin Quigley Unplugged” session. Feedback on the session as universally positive with alumni commenting on the follow-up survey that it was “illuminating,” “a tough but necessary respectful dialog,” and “the best part of the weekend.” The biggest complaint was that the session was too short.

Over 100 people attended a celebration of life for Bob Engel. Faculty member and alumna Jenny Ramstetter ’81 employed alumni, students, staff, and family to help create almost 150 tiles, each dedicated to one of Bob’s Plan students. The installation was a testament both to the lingering impact that Bob will have, and the power of our little community.

Other highlights included a poetry workshop with Cate Marvin Dupont ’92; a super stimulating alumni panel featuring Alexia Boggs ’13, Sean Pyles ’13, Gretchen Chapman ’14, and Morgan Ingalls ‘10 covering the worlds of law, finance, publishing, bats and armpit hair; a mug painting workshop led by ceramic artist Diane Echlin ’91 which will result in a donating of many mugs to the Dining Hall;  and, of course, the first ever “street broomball” challenge which primarily served as training ground for future generations of Fighting Dead Trees (PS, all hay bales will be recycled for the upcoming winter games).  See a heartwarming photo gallery and enjoy clips from our Young Alumni Panel responding to the questions "Why Marlboro?" and "How did Marlboro help prepare you for you job?" or watch the whole panel discussion

Planning has begun for Home Days 2019. The date is yet to be determined, but we are actively looking for alumni to help with content ideas, planning, and execution of the event to help make it what you want. Email msegura@marlboro.edu if you can help out. 

Thanks to our corporate sponsors:

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Trustee Bart Goodwin P'04


Faculty attending

There will be several faculty members and teaching staff attending for all or part of these events. Keep checking back, as we will update this list as we get closer to the event.

Amy Beecher
Gloria Biamonte
Michael Boylen
Seth Harter
John Hayes
Carol Hendrickson
Kristin Horrigan
Amer Latif
Jim Mahoney
Dora Musini
Catherine O'Callahan
Matt Ollis
Jenny Ramstetter
Beth Ruane
Nelli Sargsyan
Rosario Swanson
Jaimie Tanner
Bronwen Tate
Jim Tober
Kate Trzaskos
Allison Turner
John Willis

Confirmed Attendees

Rachelle Ackerman '96
Diane Arndt '95
Andrea Arnstein '99
Brian Aust '94
Jennifer Ballute '98
Bruce Balmer '72
Channing Bickford '08
Alexia Boggs '13
Susan Borotz '82
Andrew Branum '91
Bennett Carpenter '08
Becky Catarelli '08
Jenna Chandler-Ward '92
Gretchen Chapman '14
Sylva Chechova '08
Marielle Clark '12
Barbara Cole '56
Bruce Cole '56
Sara Coffey '90
William Congleton '91
Cherrie Corey '76
Mary Coughlan '76
Sue Crimmins '89
Hall Cushman '82
Dena Davis '72
Ronald Demers '06
Cara Downey '08
Kristin Fairbanks Luther '91
Lydia Emily Fascia '11
Carla Fogg '94
Joanne Fuller '95
Robin Gay '96
Randy George '93
Braden Godwin '08
Laura Hinerfeld '93
Janet Humphrey '81
Aleksandrs Jaunzemis '13
Adam Keller '10
Rebecca Kelly '97
Erica Kent '92
Saraswati Kibit '99
Randy Knaggs '94
Hannah Kozik '08
Rachel Bereson Lachow '85
Sarah Lavigne '98
Bob Little Tree '95
Molly MacLeod '08
Amanda Martin '08
Cate Marvin Dupont '93
Nancy May '88
Sue McClintock '05
Arthur McEvily '81
Becky Mokos '94
Kip Morgan '86
Sophie Mueller '11
Carol Murphy '85
Maria Nelson '80
John Nevins '76
Peter Niewiarowski '84
Greenough Nowakowski '87
Jessica O'Pray '93
Erik Olson '94
Laurie Panther '86
Megan Geisert Perlleshi '98
Julie Powers '10
Sean Pyles '13
Jenny Ramstetter '81
Michael Reardon '91
Michael Riley '09
Radha Rogers '97
Minna Roussi '06
Christina Scherp Crosby '89
Heidi Scott '97
Maia Segura '91
Adam Shepard '91
Dave Snyder '93
Jessica Taraski '91
Anna Lucia Uihlein '14
Hilly van Loon '62
Piet van Loon '63
John Whelan '11
Brian Whitehouse '91
Suzanne Whitehouse '15
Amanda Whiting '11
Maya Zelkin '95