Following their profound intellectual journey in the fields they are most passionate about, Marlboro graduates emerge with the self-reliance needed to excel in virtually any job (including those that haven't been created yet). They go on to forge diverse and often unconventional paths in the professional world, including starting their own businesses, nonprofits, and community initiatives. Here are some data on recent graduates and examples of what alumni are doing now.

Small is Beautiful

Recent alumni reflect on the value of a Marlboro education in a panel discussion.

Measuring Marlboro

Percentage of recent graduates* who are satisfied with their overall experience at Marlboro College: 96

Percentage of Marlboro graduates* who go on to further study: 75

Top graduate schools attended:

  • Antioch

  • Harvard

  • Boston University


  • Columbia

  • University of Vermont

  • SUNY

  • Yale

Percentage of recent graduates* who are employed or enrolled in graduate school: 93

Marlboro average student debt is $18,847. More than $14,000 less than the national average of $33,000.

Marlboro's student loan default rate: 1.7 percent is one-seventh the national rate of 11.8 percent.

* based on the responses to a survey of alumni from the class years 2005 to 2011.


ROI for Life

In higher education, a good return on investment—or ROI—is typically equated with a student’s ability to get a job after graduation and earn a decent paycheck. At Marlboro, we’re focused on a broader ROI: return on the individual.

The Marlboro ROI goes beyond the purely monetary (although our graduates can and do earn decent paychecks). It includes a set of skills and qualities—creative problem solving, self-directed learning, articulate expression, civic commitment, grit, and adaptability—that Marlboro alumni manifest throughout their lives. It speaks to their ability to not just get a job but to be prepared for jobs that don’t yet exist. It means self-reliance. It translates into lives well lived, full of engagement and exploration and purpose.

Alumni in Action

True to the passion for learning that Marlboro students exhibit, 24 percent of graduates go on to careers in teaching and education; the other 76 percent find their life’s work in the arts and letters, science and medicine, law and entrepreneurship, in the non-profit sector, and a myriad of other occupations and passions. Below is a peek at some alumni and their careers.


  • Jacob P. Dalton ’92, Professor Tibetan Studies, University of California Berkeley
  • Bradford A. Jameson ’76, Professor Biochemistry/Molecular Bio, Drexel University
  • John Gilliom ’82, Professor and Chair of The Department of Political Science, Ohio University
  • Vanessa Dillman Green ’98, Director of Higher Education and Diversity, Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction, Oregon Health and Science University
  • Elizabeth Stearns Sims ’86, Director Retention/First Year Programs, Paul Smiths College
  • Bar Clarke ’89, President, Loeta Educational Consultants
  • David Bozetarnik ’90, Teacher, Sharjah Women’s Campus, United Arab Emirates
  • Karen Weaver ’94, Education Program Coordinator, National Park Service
  • Peter Carini ’84, College Archivist, Dartmouth College
  • Lucy Loomis ’80, Director, Sturgis Library
  • Stephanie Aldrich '01, Principal, Halifax Elementary School
  • David Klemm '08, Professor of Religion at University of Iowa, author and leading scholar on hermeneutics


  • Sophie Black ’80, The DescentThe Misunderstanding of NatureThe Exchange
  • David Rhodes ’69, DriftlessRock Island LineThe Easter HouseJewelweed 
  • Alison Townsend ’75, The Blue DressPersephone in America
  • Deni Bechard ’97, Cures for HungerVandal Love
  • Art Magida ’67, The Nazi SéanceThe Rabbi and the Hit ManProphet of Rage
  • Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina ’72, Pulitzer-prize nominated author of Mr. and Mrs. PrinceCarrington: A Life; Black LondonBlack Victorians, Black Victoriana; Dean of Commonwealth Honors College, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Cate Marvin ’93, Fragments of the Head of a Queen: PoemsWorld’s Tallest Disaster; Oracle; recipient of Whiting Award and Guggenheim Fellowship
  • Parnell Hall ’68, The Puzzle Lady, Steve Winslow and Stanley Hastings mystery series
  • Hilary Sloin ’85, Art on Fire
  • Kim Cloutier Green ’78, The Next Hunger 
  • Wendy Williams ’75, Cape Wind
  • Daniel Kane ’90, All Poets Welcome: The Lower East Side Poetry Scene in the 1960sWhat is Poetry: Conversations with the American Avant Garde
  • Molly Booth '14, Saving Hamlet


  • John Devaney ’69, Painter
  • Tracy Martin ’85, Assistant State Curator, Vermont
  • Eli Fishman ‘96, Exhibits Designer/Manager, Long Island Aquarium
  • Michael Harrist ’10, Musician
  • Aaron Morganstein ’05, Photographer
  • Tim Collins ’02, Playwright and Performer
  • Laura Frank ’92, Founder/Designer, Luminous FX
  • Sophia Cleary ’10, Performance Artist
  • Wendy Nute Ishii ’69, Founder/Director, Bas Bleu Theater Company
  • Gina DeAngelis ’94, Screenwriter
  • Sara Coffey '90, Founder, Vermont Performance Lab
  • Travis Stevens '96, Owner, Snowfort Pictures

Non-profit sector

  • Noah Levinson ’05, Founder, Calcutta Kids
  • Marta Willgoose ’01, VP of Communications, Cerebral Palsy of New York
  • Roberta Hahn ‘91, COO National Urban Fellows
  • Pippa Arend ‘95, founder P:EAR (Program: Education, Art, Recreation) for homeless and transitional youth
  • Anna Vogler Littman ’00, Founder, Arts for Life
  • Hongping Tian '94, Director of International Strategy and Development, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


  • Joanne T. Ayoub ’80, Director of Organizational Development, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Norman Paradis ’79, Dierctor of Research Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
  • Lara Knudsen ’03, MD, Family Medicine, Author, Reproductive Rights in a Global Context
  • Evan Freedman ’87, Clinical Psychologist
  • Rebecca Jervis Leeman ’82, Nurse/Midwife


  • John Chan ’82, Executive Director Head of Informatics Technology, China Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research
  • Art McEvily ’81, Executive VP & COO SunOpta BioProcess, Inc.
  • Michael Crane ’92, Environmental Economist, Abu Dhabi
  • Karen O’Neil ’91, Astronomer, National Radio Astronomy Observatories
  • Kelly Snowdon Stockwell ’97, Design Engineer, Chroma Technology
  • Pieter van Loon '87, Stewardship Forester, Vermont Land Trust
  • Emily Hood Ferrin '03, Program Director and Resident Scientist, The Biotechnology Center of Excellence at Northwestern University
  • Joshua Lande '08, Senior Data Scientist at Twitter 
  • Tenley Archer '03, post doctoral fellow, Harvard Medical School, Children's Hospital
  • Eric Toldi '11, Chair, The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)


  • Thomas Durkin ’79, Environmental Judge, Vermont Superior Court
  • Lyle Blanchard ‘84, Land Use, Planning and Zoning Attorney
  • Mona Ibrahim ’03, Entertainment Lawyer
  • Carol Dubie ’75, Senior VP, Wells Fargo
  • Scott Williams '93, State's Attorney, Vermont
  • Dean Nicyper '76, Attorney/Partner, Withers Bergman


  • Elizabeth Glenshaw ’81, Managing Director, Clean Yield Asset Management
  • Serge Gart ’81, Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Craig Cunningham ’87, COO American Radiology Associates
  • Douglas Horne ’72, President and Landscape Architect, D.R.Horne & Co.
  • Athar Khan ’88, Director of New York Sales, Delta Airlines


  • David Asman ’77, Anchor, Fox Business Network & Fox News Channel
  • Sean Cole ’93, Producer, Radio Lab, This American Life
  • Colin Nickerson ’76, Boston Globe, Science Writer, former Europe Bureau Chief
  • Katherine Gypson ’05, Television Producer, America Abroad Media
  • Isabelle Trams ’79, Editor, National Geographic TV & Film