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Marlboro College Alumni Toolkit

Amazing alumni like you are the most compelling proof of the value of a Marlboro education, and we need your assistance now more than ever. Here are some of the many ways you can help Marlboro reach out to the next incoming class of engaged students.

Tell Your Marlboro Story

This is one of the simplest ways to attract quality students, by your valuable example. Use a simple form to share your thoughts on:

  • Why you chose Marlboro
  • The importance of the faculty’s teaching and mentoring
  • Self-governance model
  • Plan of concentration
  • The campus’ beautiful setting in nature

Share your story now!

Be a social media ambassador

Widen our web, by sharing with your contacts:

  • Beautiful Minds Challenge
  • Other programs for teenagers
  • Important news from the college
  • Marlboro events, on and off campus

Contact Maia Segura

Support Students Financially

Supporting students through financial aid assists Marlboro in offering its unique educational model to all students who are interested, regardless of their ability to pay. Alumni donations provide much-needed practical help as well as a concrete expression of support for the education received at the college.

Make a donation of any size

Add the Personal Touch

Share Life after Marlboro

Inspire by example. Use this form to share your journey after Marlboro, including thoughts on:

  • How do you define success in your life?
  • What did you learn at Marlboro that’s helped you?
  • How have your professors helped you since you left Marlboro?
  • Did your Marlboro education help you with additional educational endeavors?
  • Has your career path been related to your Marlboro experience?
  • Are you civically engaged, volunteering, or giving back?

What are you up to?

Help in Other Ways

Show up for Marlboro! Volunteer in the areas of:

  • Career support
  • Outdoor Program and other aspects of student life
  • Be a guest lecturer, artist, outside examiner, etc.
  • Alumni events and initiatives

For more info, or share your own ideas, contact Maia Segura