Capstone Now Popular Statewide Competition

Posted on April 11, 2018

For his MA in Teaching with Technology Capstone Project at Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies, Mike Hathorn '13 developed the concept for 3D Vermont, an annual challenge that teaches history through 3D modeling. Now in it's fourth year, 3D Vermont has gained signifcant attention with guests at the 2018 competition including VT Education Secretary, Rebecca Holcombe. Mike Hathorn explains the competition:

3D VT CompetitionThe whole idea of 3D Vermont started as part of my Marlboro College Capstone project. 3D Vermont’s yearly challenge has grown large enough to attract press outside of Vermont, but more importantly, it continues to teach history in a very engaging way through 3D modeling and 3D printing. Initially, I came up with the idea to teach history this way to disinterested high school students. I had them each build an exact 3D model of a building our town. Once the students were invested and excited about their building, I had them research it’s history and includes it a text file with the building model. Frankly, I was surprised how well it worked as a teaching tool. Now the yearly Town History in 3D Competition has the support of the Preservation Trust of Vermont, Vermont’s Agency of Education, and the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development, Division of Historic Preservation.

Prominent futurist blogger, Brian Alexander, profiled the 2018 3D Vermont Competition in a recent blog post, saying:

My futures work often leads me to dark places.  Seeing these young folks starting to set forth into a world that’s not in good shape and seems to be getting worse, run by elders who often mock and dismiss them, and nonetheless striding forth in a spirit of exploration and progress – that does a heart good.  That stokes my faith in education.

Learn more about 3D Vermont at their website: And explore Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies MA in Teaching with Technology program here: See pictures from the contest and get a full description on Brian Alexander's blog:

 3D VT Competition


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