Teaching with Technology Program Goes 100 percent Online: A Student Perspective

Posted on April 24, 2018

Just after Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies announced that our Master of Art in Teaching (MAT) with Technology program would go 100 percent online, I dropped in by google hangout on current student John Wager in his classroom to get his thoughts on the program change. 

Program chair Caleb Clark teaching

John and I began by chatting about what lead him to the program in the first place and what the highlights of his experience have been. John explained that his cohort and the instructors have made the program stand out, bringing together learning and fun. “The instructors have been excellent and the cohort is always very fun and educational at the same time. I’ve not had a class where I haven’t had a great experience with everyone in the class. I really enjoy the classes… I learn a lot but it’s also really fun.”

When I asked John how he felt about the program going 100 percent online, he said “I’m really excited about it.” John explained that after completing his bachelor's online he feels comfortable with virtual learning. The convenience of online classes adds to John’s excitement about the new model. “I really enjoy online classes. I like the ability to interact at the times that are convenient for me. I feel I do better work because I’m not pressured to be somewhere at a specific time.”

John’s concern for the new program is keeping the classes engaging and interactive in the online environment. Program chair Caleb Clark is up to the challenge. “Technology has reached a level that makes online learning much more humane than in the past,” said Clark. “For example, we’ll have regular class meetings via video conferencing technologies that have matured to be very usable and consistent and our courses are hosted in a best-of-breed learning management system.”

Student studying

Caleb has always focused on a human-centered approach to learning and he’ll be highlighting this in the new program. “We’re designing this online program to be uniquely engaging and current in a human-centered way,” said Clark. “Each course encourages students to make in-person contact with local professionals to contextualize their studies in the offline world. To make the program more current we’ve updated the curriculum to focus more on learning experience design and the user experience.”

The newly named Master of Art in Teaching: Learning Design and Technology program is now accepting applications for Fall 2018. Everyone at the Marlboro Graduate School shares John’s excitement for the new program. As he put it, “Using technology to bring people together to teach a class is awesome.”

Get the whole chat with John here

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Kelsa Summer, Assistant Director for Graduate and Professional Studies