Teaching for Social Justice Program Finished Term with Student Exhibitions

Posted on May 21, 2018

The three graduates

On May 12th Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies' Master of Art in Teaching for Social Justice program finished the term with three student Exhibitions. The Teaching for Social Justice program is offered in partnership with the SPARK Teacher Education Institute. This year's presentations highlighted the variety of ways students apply a social justice lens in the classroom. 

Amar Langsdorf began the presentations explaining the successes and challenges of teaching a unit on drawing connections between historical trends in the 1920's. Amar explained how challenging it can be for students to learn to connect seemingly unrelated tipics like prohibition and immigration in the 1920s. 

The second presentation, offered by Keith Yergeau explored the diversity of political opinions, asking what unbiased teaching actually looks like and exploring whether it's possible to be politically neutral in the classroom. 

The final presentation by Asis Castellanos delved into the key contributions of Antonio Gramsci in the field of school and education. 

Social Justice Program faculty and students

The day's program closed with a graduation ceremony for the three students. Students will continue to teach in local classrooms for the duration of the school year. 


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Kelsa Summer, Assistant Director for Graduate and Professional Studies