Great Conversations Part 2: Getting to the Heart of the Conversation

Posted on May 21, 2018

If you haven't seen it already, have a look at my post on beginning great conversations. Once you've begun your conversation, you may be looking for tools to help you get to the core of it and make it a success. These tools below are for just this purpose. The tips offered here help will help you succeed in with the meat of a great conversation. These tools comes from Great Conversations, the book I co-created with Travis Hellstrom, which offers a dozen simple tools for improving the quality of your conversations.


Great questions are my number one way to run an effective conversation. Early on in the conversation you want to ask questions that open up possibilities. Here are some I love. 


Visioning Questions


Listening is also crucial to a great conversation. If you're the conversation host you may need to gently encourage others to listen as well. Here are some ways to do this. 







































Returning to questions, I like to frame my agenda with a few key questions. Here are some general ones I use, which you can adapt to run your own meetings. 




Agenda questions


If you’d like more straightforward tools for improving your conversations look out for our upcoming post: Great Conversations Part 3. Or you can contact Kelsa Summer for a complimentary copy of the book:


Great Conversations Cover PageKelsa Summer graduated from Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) in 2017 with an MBA in Managing for Sustainability. She currently serves at the Assistant Director for Student Experience and Outreach at GPS. Kelsa also works as a freelance sustainability consultant and you can learn more her work here:

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