Student Profile: Alden Woodcock

Posted on June 25, 2018

Alden Woodcock takes great pride in his town, New Haven, Connecticut. Known for the Cherry Blossom Festival and pizza shops with the “best pizza in the world,” New Haven is a small city where Alden feels like his non-profit organization, Emerge, has a big impact. Emerge Connecticut, Inc., is a self-sufficient social enterprise with a dual commitment to helping formerly incarcerated persons and at-risk youth make a successful return to their families as responsible members, and to their communities as law-abiding, contributing citizens.

Alden Woodcock

Marlboro was appealing to Alden because, as someone who works for a social enterprise that combines for-profit and non-profit models, Marlboro framed the degree as management of “mission-driven organizations” rather than “non-profit management.”  The title felt more freeing, because he knew that he wanted to do work that’s mission-driven for the rest of his life, but he didn’t want to be restricted to non-profit models. 

Street signs and pavement

“When I came to visit Marlboro, I was met with a group of people who were sincerely interested in my goals and needs.  I stayed because I felt that Marlboro would help me grow into the leader I wanted to be,” says Alden.

Alden and Bikes

When asked if Marlboro College had met or exceeded his expectations Alden replied, “Their focus on leadership development was the first thing that really surprised me. I had not expected a degree program to focus so much on identifying and developing my strengths. I was also surprised by the level of dedication to fostering community in a distance-learning program. The network at Marlboro is unparalleled in my experience, and for that I’m truly grateful.”

Three current issues that Alden is most passionate about are racial inequity, mass incarceration, and healthcare. Alden’s work at Emerge touches down on some of the things he holds closest to his heart. He has a sense that his efforts are effective and he is doing work that is much needed in New Haven. 

Live music at the Cherry Blossom Festival, April 2018, New Haven, CT) 

Alden commented on graduate school and Emerge work crossover by stating, “I’ve always looked at my work life and learning at Marlboro as two parts of a whole experience. I use my learnings at Marlboro in real-time at my organization and use my experiences at work to inform my learning at Marlboro. It’s very practical and has benefitted my organization just as much as it’s benefitted me.  I also feel that voicing my experiences at work benefits the Marlboro community.”

Alden Woodcock

Alden graduated this year and is leaving Marlboro Graduate & Professional studies MBA program with a better management style. He added, “I’m leaving with the ability to self-regulate and maintain a sense of ease in tough situations at work and in life. I’m leaving with life-long friendships. I’m leaving with knowledge of how to effectively use marketing, social media, results-based accountability, project management, change management, financial analysis, strategic planning, fundraising, systems thinking, and much more to more effectively lead positive change in my community.” 

Cherry Blossoms

Alden is a part of his community. His connections through his work at Emerge place him in the center of happenings in New Haven. Through his work, Alden is helping to break the cycle of recidivism in New Haven by educating, providing employment support and job readiness as well as parenting training to individuals entering back into the community. He is helping to actively create and improve the community that he is so proud to live in.

Around town

When asked how Alden thinks Marlboro could become better known in New Haven he replied, “I think that Marlboro could be working with the many undergraduate programs at the five universities in greater New Haven. They could also be identifying leaders by working with New Haven Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Greater New Haven, the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, and the Connecticut Young Professionals Network.”

Watching Alden sit on his back porch overlooking the intersection below, watching people interacting about the festival downtown as they walk by, it is easy to see Alden’s motivation to connect with the town he is so proud to be part of.

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Willow Ross, MBA Student and Director of Communications at the United Arc