Word play in motion

Posted on August 7, 2018

It’s summer time here on the Marlboro College campus and in the Snyder Center for the Visual Arts students from MA-TESOL are hard at work.


Learners in the Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA-TESOL) have been busy during their 8-week summer session this year with classes, guest speakers, and some light-hearted fun throughout. With a focus on learning in community, critical reflection, and cross-cultural communication, students have engaged in building a close-knit community with each other and with faculty in the program, which comes through as regularly to those watching as coffee/ice cream breaks and lessons involving miniature rubber feet.


The TESOL group



Mark Cormier, who is in his second session of the program and will be returning to teach in Costa Rica where he lives with his family, recently taught a lesson during a Peer Teaching class focused on compound words and how they are structured. But get this, he used finger sized skateboards to demonstrate how!


Mark Cormier



After getting used to “riding” the board, Mark’s group was ‘frontside–boardsliding’ and ‘backside–rail grinding’ in no time, practicing how to build up compound words and sentence structures across visual and auditory aids with the ease of Noam Chomsky in a half pipe (if he skateboarded). There were a few reported “wipeouts” but with the motto “No Mistakes = No Learning” as everyone’s helmet, folks walked away with insight into how to expose learners to the workings behind their words and how to use culturally appropriate lessons for an audience.


The TESOL group in class


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Joshua Wyman, MA-TESOL Program Assistant