Alum Profile: Sarah Pidgeon

Posted on August 18, 2018

Sarah is the director of education for Solar One, a nonprofit organization based in New York City. Solar One's mission is to provide education and resources that create more sustainable and resilient urban environments. She has created a beautiful space with plenty of sunshine and artwork throughout her home.

Sarah believes her experience at Marlboro exceeded her expectations in many ways. She went into the program excited to build new skills in nonprofit management but left with a whole new perspective on leadership and life in general. Sarah was drawn to the low residency model offered at Marlboro. Sarah has a demanding full-time job and she needed to find a program that allowed her to manage school work and her career. Most of the coursework is online which gave her space to fit graduate school into her busy schedule.


Home Sweet Home

The monthly in-person residencies felt more like weekend retreats in the mountains to her. The residencies are designed to foster a real sense of community. Sarah believes the friendships she built at Marlboro with faculty and fellow students will last the rest of her life.


Sarah has had an opportunity to bring much of what she has learned at Marlboro into her work place. In the Outcomes and Evaluations course she took, she explored Results Based Accountability (RBA), and since then she has been able to begin incorporating RBA into her program design and evaluation. Sarah’s personality and interest in facilitation lead her to an opportunity to be on the community circle design team. Not only did she have excellent classes giving her tools to apply to her career immediately, she also received hands on experience within the Marlboro community with the facilitation of group circle. When asked, Sarah explained that she couldn’t choose just one class that had an impact on her.  Each class offered her something unique and allowed her to expand her knowledge. Student’s work and life experiences often entered into the classroom and helped shape the direction of the classes, allowing Sarah to add to the richness of each class.

Nature and Pavement

Sarah loves the city life in Brooklyn, NY and is confident navigating the busy neighborhoods and the beautiful cozy streets of the big city. As we walked through Domino Park, where the city converted the old Domino sugar mill into a community hot spot, I was amazed at the amount of community connections Sarah had. Sarah is no stranger to community building both at Marlboro college and in her own city. One more thing that Marlboro helps shape in all of their students.


Shapes Assembling

The hustle and bustle of the busy New York streets made the time Sarah spent at the beautiful Marlboro College in Marlboro Vermont a mountain get-a-away during her residencies once a month. Not only was it a change of scenery, but the community experience at the college made the drive well worth it. She especially appreciated the accommodations available at Marlboro North. Requesting reservation was always hassle-free and very close to the campus.


Color and Fun

Newly married, Sarah and her husband Travis have built a beautiful life together. They enjoy spending time on their rooftop patio overlooking Brooklyn, complete with berry bushes, herb gardens and flower boxes. Both Travis and Sarah are coffee connoisseurs. They have a tremendous amount of coffee shops to choose from in their area. Along with Sarah’s newly obtained degree, she lives a full exciting life and is grateful for her experience at Marlboro College.

Sarah Pidgeon

  • Center for New Leadership
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Graduate and Professional Studies
  • Management Programs
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Low Residency
  • Professional Development
  • Vermont

Willow Ross, MBA Student and Director of Communications at the United Arc