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Some people think Marlboro students spend all day buried in books. That’s… not… completely accurate.

Most of the day, maybe. Most of some days. But when we get our noses out of our books, there is all kinds of stuff to do here.

Like what?

Although we do spend a lot of time reading and writing, life at Marlboro revolves around community and the natural environment.

Your residence hall might have a name like Out-of-the-Way or Random. It will definitely have a view of the woods. You’ll eat with friends and professors in a converted barn. You might find yourself relaxing in the outdoor sauna, or listening to a classmate play the fiddle on the campus center lawn.

Our Outdoor Program will help you make the most of the Green Mountains surrounding campus— with activities like kayaking, rock climbing, or cross country skiing. Indoors, the calendar is full of lectures, exhibits, events, and performances.

If you need a taste of city life, just hop a shuttle to the town of Brattleboro for restaurants, movies, shopping, and a monthly art gallery crawl. (Brattleboro’s only got about 12,000 people. But compared to Marlboro that’s a metropolis.)

How do I find my people?

From day one, students, faculty, and staff have run the college together. Whether we’re hiring faculty, writing official policy, or buying an espresso machine for the coffee shop, we talk it out and vote at Town Meeting. It’s like a laboratory for participatory democracy.

Social justice, diversity, and inclusion really mean something here. The spark to do what’s right carries over into student-led committees. It’s also a driving force for the Center for Equity, Empowerment, and Inclusion, home to resources for the LGBTQ community and students of color; the women’s center; and a study space for students with learning differences.

There are student groups for all kinds of extracurricular interests, from fencing to farming. And of course, if there’s no group for what you’re into, it’s easy to start one yourself; the odds are, someone else on campus is into the same thing. And if you need funding to make your vision a reality, speak up at Town Meeting and we’ll make it happen.

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