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The Marlboro Community

There’s nowhere quite like Marlboro. From year to year, the fabric of campus life is knit together by people with diverse and passionate interests.

The details change, of course. In the 1980s seemingly everyone was playing hacky sack; in the early 2000’s it was Quidditch; more contemporary interests include ice skating and intersectionality. Throughout it all, our history is connected by a few fundamentals: creativity, integrity, and a slightly unconventional definition of fun.

On an early spring day you might stumble across students teaching each other fight choreography in front of Mather. Or faculty clearing trails as part of our campuswide Work Day. In the winter, even the homebodies among us join in traditions like our epic broomball tournament.

Independent and interconnected

The individual and the community play well together here—always have. You can see evidence of our founders’ unconventional thinking in today’s community governance model, where the opinions of the college president and the quietest first year student may carry equal weight.

Our values also play out in the DIY spirit that inspires our Dean of Students to shovel off the pond for ice skating after a snowstorm. Or the dining hall to make sustainable choices, including locally made treats in the Cookie Drawer and the coffee mugs sourced from a Brattleboro thrift store.

The care with which we approach education, and each other, permeates the deep thinking, writing, and problem-solving seniors do while hunkered down in the Plan cave. And it shows in the way their friends and professors pull them back into campus life for harvest parties, open mic nights, or rock-climbing trips to blow off steam.

Agents of change

Our impulse to make the world better, starting with this little hilltop in Vermont, led Marlboro to become an international changemaker campus—a top honor for schools that lead the way in promoting social change. It’s no surprise, then, that so many Marlboro grads become entrepreneurs and activists. Our community wouldn’t have it any other way.


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