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Charitable Remainder Trusts

(Unitrust or Annuity Trust)

Funded by cash, securities or property, charitable remainder trusts provide the donor and/or other beneficiaries an annual income for life  or a set period of time. Estate and income tax deductions apply; funding  with appreciated property also avoids capital gains. Upon death of thedonor or expiration of the time period, the trust's assets (remainder value) are given to Marlboro College.

Charitable Lead Trusts

Unlike a remainder trust, a charitable lead trust is a gift of income to Marlboro. Assets are placed in an irrevocable trust for an amount of time you specify, and the college receives the annual income. When the trust terminates, the assets or principal are returned to you or any beneficiary that you choose. This type of trust allows the donor to make a significant gift and can be an excellent way to pass substantial assets along to family members at a reduced transfer tax cost.

Gift Annuities - Immediate or Deferred

In exchange for a gift of cash or marketable securities, Marlboro contracts with you to pay you or your beneficiary a specified annual payout amount for life. Payments may begin immediately or be deferred. The fixed payment amount and charitable deduction are based on the age of the annuitant; part of the annuity may be a tax-free return of principal. The minimum gift is based on the age of the annuitant and level of the gift. Marlboro's annuity program is regulated by the State of Vermont and backed by the assets of the college.