Marlboro College

Communities Alumni Profiles

Twenty four percent of Marlboro graduates go on to careers in teaching and education; the other 76 percent find their life’s work in the arts and letters, science and medicine, law and entrepreneurship, in the non-profit sector and a myriad of other occupations and passions. Below is a peek at some alumni and their careers.


  • Jacob P. Dalton ’92, Professor Tibetan Studies, University of California Berkeley
  • Bradford A. Jameson ’76, Professor Biochemistry/Molecular Bio, Drexel University
  • John Gilliom ’82, Professor and Chair of The Department of Political Science, Ohio University
  • Vanessa Dillman Green ’98, Director of Higher Education and Diversity, Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction, Oregon Health and Science University
  • Elizabeth Stearns Sims ’86, Director Retention/First Year Programs, Paul Smiths College
  • Bar Clarke ’89, President, Loeta Educational Consultants
  • David Bozetarnik ’90, Teacher, Sharjah Women’s Campus, United Arab Emirates
  • Karen Weaver ’94, Education Program Coordinator, National Park Service
  • Peter Carini ’84, College Archivist, Dartmouth College
  • Lucy Loomis ’80, Director, Sturgis Library
  • Stephanie Aldrich '01, Principal, Halifax Elementary School


  • Sophie Black ’80, The Descent; The Misunderstanding of Nature; The Exchange (forthcoming May 2013)
  • David Rhodes ’69, Driftless; Rock Island Line; The Easter House; Jewelweed (forthcoming May 2013)
  • Alison Townsend ’75, The Blue Dress; Persephone in America
  • Deni Bechard ’97, Cures for Hunger; Vandal Love
  • Art Magida ’67, The Nazi Séance; The Rabbi and the Hit Man; Prophet of Rage
  • Gretchen Gerzina ’72, Mr. and Mrs. Prince; Carrington: A Life; Black London; Black Victorians, Black Victoriana
  • Cate Marvin ’93, Fragments of the Head of a Queen: Poems; World’s Tallest Disaster
  • Parnell Hall ’68, The Puzzle Lady, Steve Winslow and Stanley Hastings mystery series
  • Hilary Sloin ’85, Art on Fire
  • Kim Cloutier Green ’78, The Next Hunger (forthcoming April 2013)
  • Wendy Williams ’75, Cape Wind
  • Daniel Kane ’90, All Poets Welcome: The Lower East Side Poetry Scene in the 1960s; What is Poetry: Conversations with the American Avant Garde


  • John Devaney ’69, Painter
  • Tracy Martin ’85, Assistant State Curator, Vermont
  • Eli Fishman ‘96, Exhibits Designer/Manager, Long Island Aquarium
  • Michael Harrist ’10, Musician
  • Aaron Morganstein ’05, Photographer
  • Tim Collins ’02, Playwright and Performer
  • Laura Frank ’92, Founder/Designer, Luminous FX
  • Sophia Cleary ’10, Performance Artist
  • Wendy Nute Ishii ’69, Founder/Director, Bas Bleu Theater Company
  • Gina DeAngelis ’94, Screenwriter

Non-profit sector

  • Noah Levinson ’05, Founder, Calcutta Kids
  • Marta Willgoose ’01, VP of Communications, Cerebral Palsy of New York
  • Roberta Hahn ‘91, COO National Urban Fellows
  • Pippa Arend ‘95, founder P:EAR (Program: Education, Art, Recreation) for homeless and transitional youth
  • Anna Vogler Littman ’00, Founder, Arts for Life


  • Joanne T. Ayoub ’80, Director of Organizational Development, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Norman Paradis ’79, Dierctor of Research Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
  • Lara Knudsen ’03, MD, Family Medicine, Author, Reproductive Rights in a Global Context
  • Evan Freedman ’87, Clinical Psychologist
  • Rebecca Jervis Leeman ’82, Nurse/Midwife


  • John Chan ’82, Executive Director Head of Informatics Technology, China Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research
  • Art McEvily ’81, Executive VP & COO SunOpta BioProcess, Inc.
  • Michael Crane ’92, Environmental Economist, Abu Dhabi
  • Karen O’Neil ’91, Astronomer, National Radio Astronomy Observatories
  • Kelly Snowdon Stockwell ’97, Design Engineer, Chroma Technology
  • Pieter van Loon '87, Stewardship Forester, Vermont Land Trust


  • Thomas Durkin ’79, Judge, Vermont Environmental Court
  • Lyle Blanchard ‘84, Land Use, Planning and Zoning Attorney
  • Mona Ibrahim ’03, Entertainment Lawyer
  • Carol Dubie ’75, Senior VP, Wells Fargo


  • Elizabeth Glenshaw ’81, Managing Director, Clean Yield Asset Management
  • Serge Gart ’81, Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Craig Cunningham ’87, COO American Radiology Associates
  • Douglas Horne ’72, President and Landscape Architect, D.R.Horne & Co.
  • Attar Khan ’88, Director of New York Sales, Delta Airlines


  • David Asman ’77, Anchor, Fox Business Network & Fox News Channel
  • Sean Cole ’93, Producer, Radio Lab
  • Colin Nickerson ’76, Boston Globe, Science Writer, former Europe Bureau Chief
  • Katherine Gypson ’05, Television Producer, America Abroad Media
  • Isabelle Trams ’79, Editor, National Geographic TV & Film