Marlboro College

Communities Evan Lorenzen

Animated about learning


On Choosing Marlboro

I went to a really big high school with 4,000 kids. On graduation day I was still seeing people I had never seen before, and it was just so surreal. As a result, I definitely wanted to be in a smaller community where I could actually interact with people a little more, and Marlboro was one of the three places I applied and it definitely felt the most communal. I came and visited over spring break when nobody was really around. We went up to the library, and it was unlocked. I just thought it was so cool that Marlboro trusted the community enough to leave it unlocked and have all its resources accessible, even over the break. I thought that really spoke to Marlboro’s ideals.

On Marlboro students

It’s all the people who were a little quirky in high school, a little too passionate about certain things, the bookworms, and I really appreciated that because everybody is so unique. Everybody’s intently interested in their own little niche, but also so willing to talk about it. I was really drawn to how excited people were about learning. It’s not something that’s forced—it’s an actual drive to learn.

On academics at Marlboro

I didn’t really know what to expect coming out of high school, because everything there is so rigid, and at Marlboro there’s so much freedom. As long as I stay on top of my workload it’s not excessive, but it definitely keeps you on your toes. I feel like the teachers are always trying to challenge you. Even if you think you have a concrete grasp on what you’re doing, they’ll find all the little holes in it. They just try to help you get your position as solid as it can be.

On animation

Right now I’m headed in the direction of visual arts, with an emphasis on drawing, painting and animation. I’m really excited about animation because I get to create this story I have. I sit at the light table and draw each frame. Right now I’m working on a story about a character that gets thought up—the setting is inside of this guy’s brain, in which there are all these personified ideas running around, filing away memories. The main character doesn’t know what’s going on, because he just got thought up, so it revolves around him finding his role in the structure of the brain. It’s really rewarding to see my ideas coming to life.

On social life

When I first got here I felt so intimidated by everyone. But the longer you’re here the more open you feel. Most people go through that, feeling intimidated by everyone being so smart, but then realizing they’re just as goofy as you are. I really enjoy it here because there are so many different kinds of people. People that you wouldn’t really think would all come together in one spot, so it’s interesting to see how everyone interacts with each other.

Advice for prospective students

If you have something that interests you, do it. Don’t hold yourself back from opportunities that are given here. Don’t be afraid to explore something, even if you don’t think it will relate to your Plan. Before I came to Marlboro I often found myself thinking about things in terms of separate subjects, because that’s how they’re normally laid out, but when you come here you see so many more connections among and between all branches of knowledge. It seems more like a web than a collection of separate modes of thinking. I’ve enjoyed being able to spread out and take classes just because I was interested, and Marlboro allows you to do it all. Everyone is genuinely interested in helping you figure out how to sculpt all your interests together.



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